Tammin Sursok says doctors discovered a large cyst on her ovary, thousands reach out with similar stories

TV star Tammin Sursok had a rocky Easter weekend.

The 37-year-old informed her Instagram followers how she was rushed to the hospital, only for doctors to find a large cyst on her ovary.

Sursok detailed the event and found so many of her followers had similar incidents of being misdiagnosed.

“After a lot of tests, we found out I have a large cyst in my right ovary. I will now be ok and going forward, knowing what it is, can manage and fix the problem,” Sursok wrote in the lengthy caption.

In a photo of her from the hospital bed, she included a series of screenshots from fans who have struggled with pain and not given a clear answer.

“So many of you also said that this subject is not really spoken about and how alone it makes you feel. So let’s talk about it,” she wrote.

“Let’s make women’s health a priority. It is completely unacceptable that so many live in constant pain and anguish with no real answers.”

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Sursok is the mother to two daughters, Phoenix, seven, and Lennon, two, who she shares with her husband Sean McEwen.

The couple met in 2007 and got married in 2011 in Florence, Italy.

The actress recently disclosed that she was open to the idea of having more children.

A fan recently asked her during a Q&A, “Will you have another baby?” She replied, “Not sure… Going to leave it up to a higher power!”

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