Taron Egerton is no longer starring in his West End play after fainting on stage

Taron Egerton is no longer performing in his West End Play, Cock, after he fainted on stage and tested positive to COVID-19. The Rocketman actor, 32, collapsed during his debut performance in March, however later assured fans he was “completely fine” aside from a sore neck and “bruised ego”. Egerton then tested positive to the

Taron Egerton tests positive for COVID-19 after collapsing on stage during West End play

Rocketman star Taron Egerton has had to take time off from his new West End play again. The actor tested positive for COVID-19 just three weeks after collapsing on stage during his debut performance of the play COCK. Producers shared a statement online to explain the 32-year-old’s absence from the limited run at the Ambassadors

Italian TV host no-shows for testimony in Harvey Weinstein case

An Italian TV host was slated to appear in a Los Angeles courtroom this week to give testimony in the rape and sexual assault case against Harvey Weinstein. But the host, Pascal Vicedomini, did not show up, after his attorney informed prosecutors last week that he would remain in Italy. Vicedomini is the founder of

Shanna Moakler reveals pregnancy test was a false positive due to weight-loss pills

Model and former Playmate Shanna Moakler revealed earlier this month she was pregnant with her fourth child, days after her ex was arrested for domestic violence — but it turns out that is not the case. In a statement to Page Six, the 46-year-old mother of three confirmed she is not expecting and her positive

Ukrainian defenders listen to Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s My Life’ as they ‘get ready to fight’ against Russia

Bon Jovi approves this message. A video of Ukrainians in the city of Odesa listening to the musician’s 2000 hit ‘It’s My Life’ as they fill sandbags and prepare to fight against Russian invaders has gone viral, and it’s only soared after the 60-year-old shared it himself. Watch the video above. The video, according to

Drake – Behind Barz Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Yeah, look [Chorus] You know how the paigon chit-chat goes I like R’s and V’s and O’s I don’t really play no tic-tac-toe Been with Chubbs through highs and lows We seen man last night, they froze Wasn’t no cameras, wasn’t no pose Just like that one time at ‘Chella Good thing man weren’t pullin’

EARTHGANG – Fields Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Doctur Dot] Woo [Verse 1: Doctur Dot] Fresh off the plane, Konnichiwa Only in the present, I no longer believe in time I don’t see my family half as much as I see the sky Knew this shit was comin’, I just chose not to read the signs We never like to get involved in

Drake – No Long Talk (feat. Giggs) (More Life Album)

[Intro] Really? Yeah (Six!) Yeah Murda on tha beat, so it’s not nice [Verse 1: Drake] That’s Baka, he’s a no-long-talker Quick to let a motherfuckin’ TEC slam We don’t need to hear about a next man Youts talk down, then they get ran Left them, get dipped from the whole ends If Gilla call

Vaniya – Can’t Stop (Като Две Капки Вода) (Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover)

[Verse 1] Can’t stop; addicted to the shindig Chop Top; he says I’m gonna win big Choose not a life of imitation Distant cousin to the reservation Defunkt; the pistol that you pay for This punk; the feeling that you stay for In time I want to be your best friend East side love is

PnB Rock – There She Go (feat. Yfn Lucci) (Gttm Goin Thru The Motions Album)

[Intro] There she go, there she go There she go, oh yeah [Hook] Every time she walk by, every time she walk by Every time she walk by, I be like there she go Every time she walk by, I can see in her eyes Shawty be feeling my vibes, I be like there she