Alec Baldwin leaves Twitter after uproar over wife Hilaria’s heritage

It’s “Goodbye for now” for Alec Baldwin and Twitter. The actor bid adieu to the social media platform in the wake of uproar over his wife Hilaria Bladwin‘s claims of having a Spanish heritage. “Twitter is like a party where everyone is screaming,” his tweet read. “Not much of a party. Goodbye for now”. Hilaria

You can now take a live virtual tour of Elvis Presley’s Graceland

Elvis Presley‘s Graceland is now offering live online tours for fans around the world, including those who can’t travel to the Tennessee, USA tourist attraction during the coronavirus pandemic. Graceland said the two-hour guided tours will take virtual visitors into Presley’s former Memphis home, which has been turned into a museum, and through the Meditation

Vikings star Alexander Ludwig marries fiancée Lauren Dear in intimate ceremony attended only by their dog

Vikings star Alexander Ludwig is a married man! The Canadian actor exchanged vows with his fiancée Lauren Dear in an intimate setting at The Lodge at Blue Sky resort in Utah, USA over the weekend. The ceremony was so small, it only included a celebrant, photographer and the couple’s dog Yam, who was their witness.

Larry King, 87-year-old broadcaster, reportedly hospitalised with COVID-19

Legendary broadcasting star Larry King has been diagnosed with COVID-19, according to various reports. His condition is not known, but he has been admitted to hospital and is currently in isolation. The 87-year-old has previously survived a heart attack and a stroke, as well as prostate and lung cancer and Type 2 diabetes. This year,

We finally know Homer Simpson’s real age

Fans of The Simpsons have worked out Homer Simpson’s real age after spotting his driver’s license in an old episode. While Homer hasn’t aged a day on the long-running series, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that, according to his driver’s licence, he was born May 12, 1956, making him 64 years old. “How can Homer be

Harry Styles fans rush to purchase an $11 candle that ‘smells like him’

Harry Styles fans have reportedly gone ballistic over a scented candle that smells just like him. The cashmere vanilla candle, which cost US$6 (approx. $11), was available in Target stores across the USA for a short window of time. Styles enthusiasts cleared out supermarket shelves in order to get their hands on it, TMZ reports.

Blacc Zacc – Stna Lyrics (feat. Cook Laflare)

[Intro: Cook LaFlare] This money man This money just comin’ in man Ayy, fast fast, ayy Ayy, foreign whip go fast fast, ayy They think they poppin’, I’m gettin’ the last laugh, ayy Ayy, ayy, fast cash, ayy I’m hittin’ the scene, I’m gettin’ that fast cash, ayy, ayy Think I’m last laugh, ayy, ayy

Zarastruta – Sem Final Lyrics (feat. Thegust Mc’s)

[Intro: Don] Ei, eu quero só você pra mim Vem, amaciar meu ego um pouquinho, vem O lucro só depende de mim e nós sempre no sapato [Verso 1: Bigu] Um pedaço do céu eu to guardando no bolso Eu to voando tão baixo, que nem mesmo te ouço Me perco e te acho, lapidando

Dj Alpiste – Ser Superior Lyrics (feat. Rap Sensation & Welington)

Ser Superior Em nosso mundo existe um ser capaz de nos salvar Estou falando dele, nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo A maioria das pessoas sabem disso Enquanto outras pessoas ignoram o que eu digo Todo ser humano pode ser feliz E ter na sua vida tudo aquilo que sempre quis Mas o amor, o carinho e

Ten Typ Mes – Z Tym, Co W Sobie Mam Lyrics

[Intro] Stereotypy, kopnijcie akompaniament Hej, witamy na dorocznym festiwalu dobrej energii Ha, ha, też ją mam! [Zwrotka 1] Zawiódł, mnie kumpel, powiedział mi że jestem tym Co złamał zasady i dla niego odpadł z gry Nie ma zgody między nami co do sprawy tej Nie chce mi się o tym myśleć, czy aby nie Przyjdzie

Giorgio Gaber – L’analisi Lyrics

Beh, credo che sia giunto il momento di riordinare un po’ le idee, di chiarire questo stato confusionale, di mettermi un po’ a posto, sì. Capire, interpretare, fare un po’ di analisi sui sogni, sulla vita, sapere come vivo! Come sarebbe a dire come vivo? Non si usa più, è roba vecchia. Molto meglio: come

Kjell Hoglund – Rock Bottom Farm Lyrics

Rock Bottom Farm I Vermont i USA Där levde jag en månad utan sprit och utan tjej Förutom lite hemjäst öl och minnen från New York En dagsresa ungefär från Rock Bottom Farm Jag var så trött på liftning Jag tog en greyhoundbuss För mina sista slantar Köpte jag mej skjuts Till Rock Bottom Farm…

Trill House Collective – Underdogs Lyrics

[Intro: Kittim] Man’s never been in Barryville when it’s shut down, eh? Trus’ me David! [Hook: Matt] x2 Chilling Hill porch is where the fam all hang out Working all day, no praise, on our own now Underdogs, no doubt Am I the only one who care about Trill House Am I the only one

Vant – The Answer Lyrics

[Solo] [Intro] C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-Call me Won’t you call me? C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-Can you inform me? What’s the story? What’s the answer? [Chorus] Won’t you give me the answer? The answer The answer [Solo] [Verse 1] Chemical conflict 1429 die, die 400 children just let them lie, lie, lie We can’t interfere in case of criticism We need another

Bello Figo – Voglio Skopare Ankora Lyrics

[Intro] Ieri sera ho scopato Ieri sera ho scopato Dalle sette fino alle quattro Ommioddiofigghia Tutti sanno che voglio ancora [Ritornello] Voglio scopare ancora Voglio scopare ancora Voglio scopare ancora Voglio scopare ancora Girati, amore, figa Dieci volte non mi basta Voglio scopare ancora Voglio scopare ancora Voglio scopare ancora Voglio scopare ancora Voglio scopare

Bello Figo – Fifaa 20 Lyrics

[Intro: Bello figo & Manny FreSh] Tutti i miei amici sanno che son forte Chi vuole perdere mi chiami, lo saccagno per bene You feel me? Tutti sanno che Fifa 2020 [Ritornello: Bello Figo & Manny FreSh ] Lei mi fa “more dimmi come ti senti” Ma non mi rompermi i coglioni Io non scherzo con i miei giochiperchè

Hoodie Allen – Whatever USA Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Yeah I’m in whatever USA, zip code so far away Can’t remember the name, Google Map to locate I’m chillin’ with some Notre Dames, show me how the South bends And my dogs hold me down when we show up in Athens Back then, we had dreams of being famous

Cathie Ryan – The Lights Of San Francisco lyrics

[Verse] The lights of San Francisco Shone on the city floor Joe worked on in the city ‘Til the dawn came around once more [Verse] He came from Galway Came over recently And Lucy from the USA Smiled at his naiveté [Verse] In the rocky places of his heart No one had ever seen Lucy