Everything to know about Tom Cruise’s three children, Bella, Connor and Suri

Tom Cruise is a bonafide Hollywood star, but he’s also a father of three children. Despite being a major movie star Tom has managed to keep his private life quiet over the years. The Top Gun actor’s marriage to Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes made him a dad to Bella Cruise, Connor Cruise and Suri

Mission: Impossible 7 filming halted after positive coronavirus test

Production on Mission: Impossible 7 has shut down after a positive coronavirus test. The latest movie in the Tom Cruise-starring action franchise was filming in the U.K. when the positive test occurred. A spokesperson for the Paramount and Skydance production confirmed work on the project will be stalled until June 14. “We have temporarily halted

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer talks convincing Tom Cruise to play Maverick in Top Gun as hit movie turns 35

Moviegoers had never seen anything quite like Top Gun when it jetted across screens in the summer of 1986. The propulsive story of a hotshot group of pilots had dazzling aerial sequences that gave audiences a cockpit view of the action, as well as a star on the rise in Tom Cruise, fresh off his

NBC will not air Golden Globes in 2022 due to ongoing HFPA controversy

NBC will not air the Golden Globes in 2022, the network said in a statement on Monday morning local time. This means the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) will now have to decide how or if it will move forward next year without its broadcast partner, or more swiftly enact changes demanded by industry leaders

Tom Cruise returns Golden Globe awards in Protest of HFPA

The dominoes continue to fall for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. In protest of the ongoing controversy surrounding the lack of diversity within the HFPA’s membership, Tom Cruise has returned the three Golden Globe trophies he earned for Born on the Fourth of July (Best Actor, Drama), Jerry Maguire (Best Actor, Comedy or Musical), and

Tom Cruise apparently had a meltdown on the set of Mission Impossible over tree branches

Tom Cruise has apparently gone on a furious rant on the UK set of his latest movie, Mission: Impossible 7. According to The Sun, the actor had a meltdown after becoming irritated over tree branches that kept banging onto the roof of a trailer as he and some cast members were trying to relax.  “There

Kevin Bacon was very apologetic when wife Kyra Sedgwick accidentally called the cops to Tom Cruise’s house

Actor Kevin Bacon has opened up about an embarrassing moment that occurred at a dinner party hosted by Tom Cruise. ICYMI, Bacon’s actress wife, Kyra Sedgwick, recently revealed she once accidentally pushed a panic button while the pair were at Cruise’s home, resulting in the police turning up. Asked about the moment by Drew Barrymore

Kyra Sedgwick says she accidentally hit the ‘panic button’ during dinner at Tom Cruise’s home: ‘I got a little nervous’

Kyra Sedgwick shared a hilarious anecdote from a dinner party at Tom Cruise‘s house. The actress, 55, who is married to Kevin Bacon, detailed an experience where she was invited to The Mission Impossible star’s house with her husband. Bacon and Cruise were filming A Few Good Men at the time. “It’s a pretty good

Tom Cruise admits he’s ‘broken a lot of bones’ while performing his own stunts: ‘I’m a very physical actor’

Tom Cruise has had his fair share of broken bones while performing his own stunts for action movies. The actor, 58, made an appearance on Friday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show alongside his Top Gun: Maverick co-stars Jennifer Connelly and Miles Teller and discussed the various injuries he’s endured over the years. Despite the

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s son Connor makes surprising new career move

The adopted son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman has launched a surprising new career. Connor Cruise, 26, revealed his latest passion via Instagram on March 23 after a number of his close friends praising his amazing skills. “After many friends telling me I have finally decided to start a food IG @connorsmeatshack with my

Nicole Kidman celebrates daughter Faith’s 10th birthday: ‘We love you so much’

Nicole Kidman is celebrating her daughter’s milestone birthday. The Undoing star’s youngest child, Faith Margaret, turned 10 years old on Tuesday. And to help celebrate her special day, Kidman, 53, surprised her with a yummy cake decorated with 10 pink candles. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJVorJeJMWa/ “Happy Birthday darling Faith Margaret! We love you so much,” Kidman shared alongside

Tom Cruise to resume filming Mission: Impossible 7 in the UK as COVID-19 cases soar

Tom Cruise is set to resume shooting Mission: Impossible 7 in the UK, this time at Longcross Film Studios. Longcross used to be a UK Ministry of Defence site used to test army tanks, but has since been redeveloped as studios, housing blockbuster productions including Skyfall, Thor: The Dark World and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Whoopi Goldberg defends Tom Cruise’s explosive on-set coronavirus tirade

Whoopi Goldberg has come to Tom Cruise‘s defence after leaked audio of the star unleashing a tirade on Mission: Impossible 7 crew members violating coronavirus protocols went viral. In a recent segment on her talk show, The View, the Sister Act star said she understood where Cruise was coming from when he tore into staff

Tom Cruise tears into Mission: Impossible 7 crew for not following COVID-19 safety protocols

Tom Cruise expressed his frustration with crew members on the set of Mission: Impossible 7 after he saw them breaking COVID-19 guidelines, two sources close to the production confirm to Variety. As first reported by The Sun, after Cruise saw two crew members standing too close to one another in front of a computer screen,

Nicole Kidman says it was hard being single and alone in the early days of her career

Nicole Kidman has opened up about her early days in Hollywood and her biggest challenges at the start of her career. In a candid interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Kidman revealed she found it difficult being single when she started working on film and TV shows when she was younger. “When I was alone,

Nicole Kidman says she was ‘happily married’ to Tom Cruise while they filmed Eyes Wide Shut

Nicole Kidman has made a rare comment about her marriage to Tom Cruise. In a new interview with the New York Times, the Aussie actress, 53, revealed that she and Cruise, 58, were “happily married” while filming the 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut, where they played a married couple who deal with infidelity. When Kidman

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s adopted daughter Isabella Cruise reveals new look

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman‘s daughter Isabella ‘Bella’ Cruise has shared a rare photo of herself with a new haircut. The 27-year-old, who typically keeps a low profile with her husband Max Parker in London, posted a selfie of her short black hair with blue-green streaks through it. She finished the look with peace sign

Tom Cruise attempts death-defying motorcycle stunt while shooting Mission: Impossible 7

Tom Cruise has cheated death with his latest jaw-dropping stunt for the upcoming Mission: Impossible 7 film. Cruise, who plays the leading role Ethan Hunt in the franchise, has returned to work on the seventh film after shooting in Venice, Italy was halted back in March due to the coronavirus outbreak. His latest shoot involved

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s daughter Bella shares rare selfie on Instagram

Her parents may be Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, but Bella Cruise has never led a Hollywood life. The 27-year-old artist often stays away from the spotlight or social media. So when she posted a selfie to Instagram earlier this week, it didn’t go unnoticed. “All that glitters is gold.. oh wait, it’s just another

Leah Remini believes Tom Cruise has a Scientology ‘master plan’ for daughter Suri

Tom Cruise may be seemingly estranged from his daughter, Suri, but former Scientologist Leah Remini believes he has big plans in store for his only biological child. In a new interview with the New York Post, Remini claimed that Cruise was likely waiting for the 14-year-old to come of age before reconnecting with her and

Katie Holmes follows Thandie Newton on Instagram after her candid comments about working with Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes recently followed Thandie Newton on Instagram after the actress revealed she was “so scared” of Tom Cruise during filming for Mission Impossible: 2. Holmes, who was previously married to Cruise, may have read Newton’s recent interview with Vulture, in which she spoke about her experience filming with the Hollywood star. “He was a

Thandie Newton left Charlie’s Angels after disturbing encounter with Amy Pascal

Westworld star Thandie Newton revealed several stories about shocking behaviour she’s encountered from Hollywood executives and creatives over the course of her career in a provocative interview with Vulture. The actor cited incidents ranging from press coverage of her alleged sexual assault to what she remembers as a racist encounter with former Sony Pictures head

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban celebrate 14-year wedding anniversary with gushing Instagram posts

Fourteen years of marriage and still more in love than ever.  Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban marked their wedding anniversary by paying tribute to each other on Instagram. “Us #HappyAnniversary,” the 53-year-old Aussie actress captioned a sweet photo of the pair embracing at an awards ceremony. “Happy Anniversary Baby!!!!!” Urban, 52, greeted on his Instagram

Katie Holmes shares rare selfie while spending time with daughter Suri

Katie Holmes has snapped a rare selfie on Instagram, hanging out in the sun while spending lockdown with her daughter, Suri Cruise. The actress, 41, posted the photo to Instagram on Friday (US time), wearing minimal makeup and posing alongside her 14-year-old daughter — who Holmes cropped out to protect her privacy. The post was

Elon Musk and Grimes’ newborn son cannot be named X Æ A-12, name is legal but ‘won’t be accepted’

Elon Musk and Grimes are able to name their newborn son X Æ A-12, but it won’t be accepted on his birth certificate. According to People, who spoke with family law attorney David Glass, the baby’s name isn’t technically illegal, however it won’t be accepted as valid by the state of California. “In California, you

Grimes confirms her and Elon Musk’s newborn’s name is X Æ A-12, reveals meaning behind it

Grimes has confirmed the strange name of her firstborn child is in fact X Æ A-12. The 32-year-old ‘Oblivion’ singer confirmed the name, as well as providing the meaning in a Twitter post. “X, the unknown variable ⚔️. Æ, my elven spelling of Ai (love &/or Artificial intelligence). A-12 = precursor to SR-17 (our favorite

Cheat Codes – No Service in the Hills Lyrics

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Cheat Codes – No Service In The Hills Lyrics (feat. Blackbear, Princess Rosie)

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