G Herbo – Death Row Lyrics

[Intro] Uh (DY Krazy) I’m in the A right now I had to get the A vibe real quick, man On foenem, back with D-Weezy, go [Chorus] I was on death row I ain’t never met Snoop, I ain’t never met Suge Nigga living like a thug like I’m Pac, though (Thug Life, nigga) I knew I could hit my cuz for that Glock,

Danju – Tag 1 Lyrics

[Songtext zu „TAG 1“] [Hook] Wir rennen, rennen, rennen, rennen, rennen aber sag, wohin? (wohin?) Wir denken, denken, denken, denken, denken, macht das alles Sinn? Ooh, Gott, steh mir bei (oh), Gott, steh mir bei (oh, Gott, steh mir bei) Ey, ey (brrt) Wir rennen, rennen, rennen, rennen, rennen, sag, wohin? (brrt) Wenn sie keiner

Neutro Shorty – Soy Yo Lyrics

[Letra de “Soy Yo”] [Intro] Thug Life Motherf**ker, yeah! Trap Money Los Vatos, Inc La Fratenidad Neutro Shorty King Roker, el mente loca Jhei F [Verso 1] Estos estúpidos creen que no van a perder la vida (vida, vida) Tengo unos secuaces boletas que tienen instinto homicida (mmm) Así es una panza, te lanzas, pues

2Pac – Why U Turn On Me (Original) Lyrics

[Intro] Ahaha niggas love turning this shit ol’ switcheroo-ass, bitch made motherfuckers, just be friends Outlaw nigga, Westside, throw it up, get it up (never thought it would come through) Hahaha.. used to had love for ’em, why you turnin’ on me? Why me? Yeah nigga westside, how you do it boy? [Verse 1] I

2Pac – Lie To Kick It (feat. Richie Rich) (Remixes Vol. 1 Album)

Yeah I dedicate this to my nigga Mike Tyson. It’s all good. You ain’t got to lie to kick it To them tricks and them bitches Out to get a nigga’s riches [x2] Jack of all trades ballin’ like Jordan you punk fake inside the paint in fact I know you can’t do half of

2Pac – Fuck All Yall (Remixes Vol. 2 Album)

‘Pac in a slurred, drunken voice: Ha ha ha, f*** all y’all, f*** all y’all, I don’t need nobody F*** ’em, f*** all y’all Money gone f*** friends I need a homie that know me When all these motherf***in’ cops be on me I got problems ain’t nobody calling back Now what the f*** is