Katie Tropp – So High Lyrics (feat. Jsun The Prophesor)

[Verse 1: Katie Tropp] Wake up in the morning thinking about you First thing on my mind is that I want you To lift me up like no one else can do It’s been this way since we were first introduced Mary Jane my true soul mate I love the way you smell, and feel,

Katie Tropp – Have A Smoke With Me Lyrics

[Verse 1] 21 bowls is an average day In the stoner life of Krazy Kracka Katie Always on cloud nine blowin’ away You know I got that bong stuck to my face I smoke for real it’s tough to keep up Don’t challenge me to some type of smoke off I can smoke forever not

YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Rich As Hell Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] 17 D-Roc [Chorus] I gotta bring it Any time and however you want it Late at night and I can’t sleep I’m staying up, I’m tossing, turning That’s them bodies from my temper creeping on me That’s from me cuttin’ ’em off and being home all by my lonely Bricks and bales I prefer that

Joey Badass – 500 Benz Lyrics

JOEY BADASS500 Benz Lyrics 500 Benz 500 Benz Statik Selektah 500 Benz 500 Benz Took the business class seats back to NYC Left LAX with a bag of the THC Straight reekin’ Nowadays I bounce back in full each weekend Shorter days, longer nights, from my lack of sleepin’ Thinkin’ when this bi-coastal life is

Diiix – Creuser Le Gap (Tigris Album)

[Refrain] J’vais creuser le gap THC dans les veines, tous mes gars sont dans les vapes Ramène une piñata, en un coup de batte je l’éclate Les marquer au fer rouge est ma première étape Elle voudrait qu’on prenne le large Elle voudrait qu’on s’échappe Tu me prends la tête c’est quoi ton délire ?

Jimmy Prime – Intro (Bleeding Bull Album)

[Intro] Welcome to the (x3) Welcome to the city, where them niggas get busy And them bitches all stripping, and the fly niggas pimping Champagne sipping and the cocaine flipping The whole team sipping in the codine system [Verse 1] From the block to the stoop Stoop to the crib Crib to the whip Whip

B.o.B – Excuse Me (Elements Album)

[Verse 1: B.o.B] Critical thinking A sea of souls selling out But this ship is sinking Flooded with watered down lyrics With subliminal meanings To wake up another day Lord, give me a reason Are these prayers really working Or just triggering feelings (4x) I vocalize my pain and they say, "Isn’t it genius?" I’d