Mustard – Intro Lyrics (feat. 1takejay)

[Intro: Lil Snupe & DJ Mustard] It’s Lil Snupe, nigga! I’m the motherf**king freestyle king Mustard on the beat, ho (Let’s go!) Finna go’n and rip this bitch up Free my nigga, C4 Yeah, look, look, look, look [Verse: Lil’ Snupe, DJ Mustard, & Both] Check it, I said, I only got a few homies

Derek Minor – I’m Good (feat. Janice Gaines) (Reflection Album) letras

[Hook: Derek Minor] I don’t fit into your in-crowd I gotta be who I am now I don’t got no chains on me now No I don’t fit into your in-crowd Long as we living I’m good Breath in my lungs so I’m good God is with us so I’m good I’m good x2 Yeah