Young Pappy – Dont Sleep On Me Part 2 Lyrics

[Intro] 2 Cups Don’t sleep on me [Verse] Bandana, bandana, when he say bandana Say double G, I done told motherfuckers not to fuck with me Everything designer, I be designed up (What else?) I got bags, bitch But nigga everybody got bags, bitch And nigga everybody gone jagg, bitch Trues off my ass they

Young Pappy – Competition Lyrics

[Intro] 2 Cups That shit Day Day, bitch PBG shit TFG, bitch [Hook] Shout out to my opposition They know we do not be missin’ Be cool, boy, my Glock extended Send shots, watch him drop the engine [Bridge] Fuck Day Day, I’m hot as shit Lil’ bro told me: “Don’t drop this shit!” They