Car sales fall 8% in January on weak demand

According to industry body Siam, cars sales stood at 1.6 lakh units as against 1.8 lakh units in January last year. Siam registers wholesale numbers, and the weak volumes are also a reflection of the efforts of the companies to not build up large inventory levels at dealerships. However, SUV sales managed to register a

Great Wall Motors to acquire GM’s Talegaon plant

Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor has agreed to buy General Motors’ (GM) car plant in Maharashtra, two sources aware of the matter said, setting in motion its plan to build cars in the country. Great Wall, one of the biggest sellers of sports-utility vehicles (SUV) in China, is expected to pay about $250 million to

Yung Lean – King Cobra Lyrics

[Intro] (Hurt what it do?) (Hurtboy) Man oh man, you should see all the kinds of friends we got looking after us [Hook: Yung Lean] Five x pills bitch, I’m fucked out my mind Orange and purple, green pills and lines Put the knife to your mouth like the Joker, make you smile Frozen city,

Young Dolph Says He Is Still Bulletproof Set To Drop New Song

TweetShare Young Dolph says he is still very much bulletproof as he recovers from getting shot last month and plots his musical comeback. Maybe it’s full time that Young Dolph and Yo Gotti and whoever else is involved in that feud to sit down and chop things up and make peace. But that wish is

Katy Perry – Save As Draft (Witness Target Exclusive Album)

[Verse 1] I remember when you used to be my every other thought But now my calendar’s so full, it’s easier to move on Sometimes I swear I pass your SUV on Sunset Boulevard I don’t fuck with change, but lately I’ve been flipping coins a lot [Chorus] I struggle I juggle I could just

Rexx Life Raj – Handheld GPS

[Hook] I’ve been out the way tryna gain it all Weed and Adderall, that’ll get me there Hoping soon enough, I don’t do enough, I could do some more I don’t even know what I’m shooting for but I’m shooting anyway [Verse 1] Handheld GPS, still everybody’s lost We’re in the land of the free

Quentin Miller – To Turning 27 (Bonus Track) (Gunmetal Grey Album)

27 years How did I get here? Hod’d I make it here? Last year was supposed to be the greatest year Look at me, I’ll never be the same again I used to dream ’bout this rap shit Whipping my mama’s SUV through them backstreets Hit the WalMart late at night, had to shoplift the

The Lox – Hard Life (feat. Mobb Deep) (Filthy America… It’s Beautiful Album)

[Verse 1: Sheek Louch] Smoking loud with the top down Burner on me, nigga, come and get me right now Dope fiends in the hallway Little niggas’ll clap something in broad day Rose gold, princess cut Pretty face, little titties, big butt Thugged out, she with me like "nigga what?" Big chain on my b-boy

Trettmann – Ehrenrunde (Kitschkrieg, Vol. 3 EP) letras

[Verse 1] Kein Spass man, bis der letzte es gerafft hat, hier ist nichts lustig Habs allen gesagt: 2Null16 gehört uns, Übernahme, Schlussstrich Aus’m Nichts in die Championsleague Hombre, nie wieder Schlusslicht Alle überrundet, Transformation abgeschlossen, alles gut, alles richtig Und es fühlt sich so leicht an, als ob ich fliege, fernab vom Schwarm Gönn’