Rico Recklezz – 6 Feet Under (Leak) lyrics

[Hook] I’ll put your mans 6 feet under nigga If a bitch direspect me then yo mans go 6 feet under nigga And yo family 6 feet under nigga Then ill make your family wonder nigga Think im playing just try me nigga I dont play around aint scared to catch a body nigga [Verse

Rico Recklezz – Crank That (Soulja Boy Diss)

Rico Recklezz in this hoe. 50 Clip off in that pole. Watch me c*ck this motherf*cker back and let it blow. /Boom./ (x4) /You ain’t no soldier boy./ (x4)(crank that) How the f*ck you a soldier and you ain’t never go to war. You niggas gay, SOD; Sucking On d*ck, what it stand for. Bitch,