Boldy James – My First Offense Lyrics

[Intro] On my first offense [?] [Verse] Was in the [?] and Steve-O on that [?] Screaming “Free Booboo and [?]” You know my [?] with or without the airplane [?] off the packs, serving smokers in the stairway Never been the one to gossip with all the hearsay There’s no blood, no foul in the field and ain’t

2 Chainz – Whip Lyrics

[Intro: Travis Scott] Yeah Do it no hands, yeah, do it, no handstand They really wanna keep us outside ‘Cause you know we go way too live [Refrain: Travis Scott] Whippin’ again, whippin’ and whippin’ and whippin’ again, yeah Back at again, back at it, back at it, back at again All winter, all summer

Wu-Tang Clan – People Say (feat. Redman)

[Intro: sample] [Verse 1: Method Man] That’s when my heart turned cold I’m a product of the block We used to cook the product in the pot Asshole to turn the product into rock It’s in my DNA, you see it started with my pops In his hayday he probably put your Father in a