Young M.A – Da Come Up Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Came from the bottom, man I feel like Martin Luther King, man [Refrain] Started off with a dream One gold chain, I was actin’ up with the gold fangs No name, knew I had to put in more pain (Puttin’ in work), uh I had one bitch, few side hoes Taking niggas’ women with my

Machine Gun Kelly – FLOOR 13 Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Fuck [Refrain] I just spent too many minutes watchin’ little videos of shitty wannabe rappers dissing me I just spent the winter livin’ after someone tried to send a kill shot, missin’ me Young blonde don and the double-X mob got a gang out in Sicily Why you think they call

T-Wayne – Fuck Russ Lyrics

[Intro] [?] on that beat Yeah, foreign, foreign, foreign [Verse 1] I told em, fuck Russ You ain’t shit You a bitch Diamond wrist, peep the drip Water whip, Plain Jane, new Mulsanne Shorty wanna give me brain, cuz the fame (yea, yea) I’m coming live and direct I got you niggas upset Hoping out

Yellow Claw – To The Max lyrics

(feat. MC Kekel, Lil Debbie, Bok Nero, MC Gustta) [Verse 1: Bok Nero] Yellow Claw just hit my line So let’s get this fucking money When I start, keep it coming I like hundreds, I like twenties Got a bitch that look like Charlie And her pussy taste like honey I lay pipe just like

Curren$y – Lavendar Lyrics

[Verse 1] The labels is Lavendar My latest Ralph Lauren fashion I been matching back and forth to the lab Tryna make it happen Addicted to extravagance A magnet to the chips Grabbing and dashing with all that shit Not leaving fingerprints Niggas is killing friends over brotherly arguments We should all stay alive and

Lil Peep – Cobain (feat. Lil Tracy) (Hellboy Mixtape)

[Hook: lil peep] I just fell in love with a bad bitch Told me that she love me too, baby I’m not havin’ it Sniffin’ cocaine cause I didn’t have no Actavis Smokin’ propane with my clique and the bad bitches call me Cobain She can see the pain Look me in the eyes, girl

Kevin Gates – Maybach Music (freestyle) Lyrics

Sample: “come and take over” Gates : ” put on my Dodgers fitted, then I, took that off and put on my Philly fitted Rolled a Philly in it, lotta spliffs n shit, trllionare!” ” closed captioned for the listening impaired Sympathetic toward the victim but the witness get it bad Visions of the past,

Block B – BASTARZ – That’s Right

Wake up baby 우릴 반기는 아침 아름다운 오늘이야 Baby 괜스레 기분이 좋아 핸드폰을 찾지 귀엽게 눈도 못 뜨고 친구 번호 눌러 아기같이 부은 얼굴로 친구야 너 뭐 해 오늘 가자 멀리 SNS는 없으니 사진은 No thanks 작은 차에 낑겨 다 태우고 음악은 힙합으로 제일 크게 틀어 지갑에 돈이 땡전 한 푼 없어도 괜찮아 돈은 내가