Cute Is What We Aim For – Marriage To Millions lyrics

Whatever you put in my hands is my life savings My main man I got a box fit for a king on Queen Street (Tell me that’s not irony) Money can’t buy happiness Man, I think the opposite If I had just one chance I’d buy romance I want to know the things you’re thinking

Drake – Lose You (More Life Album)

[Intro] I don’t care what society thinks. They’re nothing anyway. They’re no better than me. Out there you just have to fit into a pattern that somebody’s already laid out for you. Life we live, you have to set your own patterns, your own ideals. You have to handle the whole job yourself. (Yeah) [Verse

The Weeknd – Sidewalks (feat. Kendrick Lamar) (Starboy Album)

[Verse 1: The Weeknd] I ran out of tears when I was 18 So nobody made me but the main streets ‘Cause too many people think they made me Well if they really made me then replace me Homeless to Forbes List, these niggas bring no stress I feel like Moses, I feel like I’m