Drakeo The Ruler – Neiman & Marcus Don’t Know You Lyrics

[Verse 1] All that dick riding’ll get a nigga flipped Princess cuts on my wrist like an emo bitch Done mud walked in Neimans twice, I don’t need no help This forty bulging on my hip, I don’t need no belt Luke Skywalkin’, pints caulkin’, I’m an addict Come get slippy with the knock knock

Drakeo The Ruler – They Don’t Know You Lyrics (feat. Ralfy The Plug)

[Chorus: Drakeo the Ruler] A five in a twenty ounce mud, gotta say I love codeine Benjamin Franklin, nigga they don’t even know you I keep an acronym, better watch who you approaching Damn why you do ’em so cold, shit I think it was the codeine Benjamin Franklin, nigga they don’t even know you

IDK – Lil Arrogant (feat. Joey Badass & Russ)

[Verse 1: IDK] This is what you all been waitin’ for ain’t it? What people paid paper for dammit This that goin’ to the gun range with the click-clack-pow aiming That boy from PG, but D.C. still claim him And I ain’t gotta act like I’m from there, I’m real Some rappers magicians, they trick

Kodak Black – Up Late (Project Baby 2 Album)

[Intro] That money don’t sleep, you know what I’m sayin’? So why you gonna be sleepin’ on the money? Keep that shit 1k [Chorus: Kodak Black] If you want this shit, you gotta be up late I don’t want it now, I want it everyday Pull up drop top, fully loaded Wraith Let the Glock

ASAP Ferg – Trap And A Dream (feat. Meek Mill) (Still Striving Album)

[Intro: A$AP Ferg] Yeah, yeah Pray to the trap Pray for the trap [Verse 1: A$AP Ferg] Send them niggas to the Hood Pope My synagogue right in the ghetto Off the dome, I’m killin’ niggas But the pen game on a different level One trap with a big dream I go hard, won’t ever