Xena actress Lucy Lawless calls out former co-star Kevin Sorbo for peddling baseless conspiracy theory about US Capitol Hill riots

Xena: Warrior Princess actress Lucy Lawless has called out former co-star Kevin Sorbo for falsely blaming the US Capitol Hill riots on left-wing activists masquerading as Donald Trump supporters. It all began when Sorbo — who played the titular hero on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and its spin-off Xena: Warrior Princess — shared a tweet

Demi Lovato has a few words for President Trump in her new song

Demi Lovato wants to use her voice for more than just singing. That’s why her new song, ‘Commander in Chief’, is directed toward President Donald Trump, calling out his response to racial injustice, the COVID-19 crisis and more. Lovato, 28, spoke to CNN in a recent interview about the song and its message. “There’s been

Eminem Album “Revival” Has New Release Date For December

Tweet Share Eminem highly anticipated new album Revival has a new release date and it could arrive in December. There has been a lot of rumors surrounding the release of Eminem’s new album Revival over the last couple of weeks. The original release date was November 17th, but the project never arrived on that date.

Rihanna Blast Trump On Twitter For Response To Puerto Rico Hurricane

Rihanna is furious with President Trump over his administration response to Puerto Rico amidst a humanitarian crisis on the island. For the past week, the president has been getting a lot of criticism from celebrities on Twitter about the slow response to help the people of Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria wrecked havoc on the