Cassper Nyovest – Good For That Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Give me 20 Bentleys cause I’m good for that Give me 100 million cause I’m good for that (Ke Hip Haap doggo) Give me 100 million cause I’m good for that (Ke Hip Haap doggo) Fuck it, give me 20 billion cause I’m good for that (Hip Haap) [Hook] Give me 20 Bentleys cause I’m

Soulja Boy – Balenciaga Backpack Lyrics

[Hook] Damn, he got bricks in the backpack Run up on gang, man you know I’ma clap that Versace couch where he put that strap at Porsche Panamera, ridin’ round where the racks at On my lap where I keep the MAC at Bust down Rolex, got me on Snapchat Ridin’ round town with the

DJ SpinKing – The Breakdown (feat. Dave East) (For The Culture Mixtape) letras

[Intro] Shit gettin’ realer and realer, ugh Still me though (DJ SpinKing, baby!) Gangsta [Verse 1] The first time I seen cocaine I put it on my gums, had my whole mouth numb Smokin’ everyday for the pain From a leak I’ma blow till the whole ounce’s done My income had a different outcome Pistol