PnB Rock – Questions (Gttm Goin Thru The Motions Album)

[Hook] You keep on asking me questions about who I’m texting and about who I’m sexing I can’t take it no no You keep interrupting my flexin’ Who you think you checking? Girl you could go get the steppin’ Cause I can’t take it no no, no no [Verse 1] Why you always asking all

Jefe – Give It Up (feat. 3 Glizzy) (The World Is Yours Album)

[Intro: Jefe] I used to run up on them niggas, make ‘em give it up, yeah [Hook: Jefe] I heard you chasin’ that lil slut, you need to give it up Soon she get a lil somethin’ she gon’ give it up Boy watch them niggas who around ya, they gon’ give you up So

Belly – Re Up (feat. Nav) (Inzombia Mixtape)

[Hook: Belly] You must have heard about the re-up Call me real, ain’t you know I be up? That’s the only time you ever free up I’m not tryna fuck the energy up She said, baby, please don’t get the wrong idea Roll the tree and fuck this Hennessey up I come down and start

Chris Brown – Dont Fuck With Us

Look, I ain’t really with the talkin’, bitch I’m really ’bout that action I’m runnin’ up a ticket and fuckin’ bitches in traffic Got a hundred million dollars, I could give a fuck about a hater Oh, they be with the snitchin’ and bitchin’, they like investigatin’ Ain’t tryna run down with that 4, let