Devo Spice – Platform Wars Lyrics (feat. The Great Luke Ski & Dual Core)

Hello, I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC You can see me in homes wherever you happen to be Not to mention landfills and a couple of dumps Because you need to be replaced every couple of months Macs on the other hand last for years Because it takes you that long for you to

Sf9 – Play Hard Lyrics

Oh yeah! Let me tell, let me tell, won’t you see that girl Let me introduce myself, myself! Are you ready? Woo! Yeah, 정신을 풀어 친구들 불러 오늘은 낮이고 밤이고 땅에서 굴러 팔을 휘둘러, hey 눈앞에 현실을 비틀어, hey 시침 소리는 틱 켜진 PC 미리 해 리필 one pick, pick 뻔해 보이는 세상도 지금부턴 내가

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Buckshot lyrics

(feat. KRS-One & DJ Premier) [Verse 1: Macklemore] I used to work at Subway Seven bucks an hour wasn’t much money But I be rapping and kicking it on my lunch break Like “I’mma make it out this motherfucker one day” I was in the back, back seat of the bus before a bluetooth Got

New Leak Reveals Two Key Galaxy S9 Features That The iPhone X Lacks

Samsung is doing its best to set itself apart from Apple… While the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are expected to remain closely modeled after the Galaxy S8, Samsung is definitely stepping up its game. The latest leak reveals that a new DeX Pad docking station will allow users to transform their smartphone device into a virtual mouse

wifisfuneral – LilSkiesFuneral (feat. Lil Skies)

[Verse 1: Wifisfuneral] Okay last year I was broke as fuck and didn’t have a cent Past tense Who my competition? I ain’t having it Plot thickens You could cut the tension with a knife then Jewels looking like a [?] Ruby suicide, damn Suicide doors on the lamb, damn I was on my doozy

Jadakiss – Big Dog Status Lyrics

Hustle get your bread back dice game head crack Hustle get your bread back dice game head crack Hustle get your bread back dice game head crack Felony possession of a firearm is a fed rap [ad-libs] I tried to walk away from my bad habits But I realized they bringing me mad cabbage I’m

Quentin Miller – Expression 5.5 (feat. Trae Tha Truth)

[Intro] Yeah, yeah, yeah One three one seven man Man, man, yeah [Verse 1] Jump right back to the beats 20 somethin’ songs in a week Checks comin in from the clicks Mac, iPhone, PC Clocked in middle of the night 2am going on 3 You wouldn’t understand my life Wouldn’t understand, yeah ‘Bout to