Chris Brown and Kevin McCall Reignite Their Old Beef

Chris Brown and Kevin McCall are at each other’s throat again. We thought that the two singers squashed their beef ages ago, but apparently not. McCall fired off a series of posts on Instagram last weekend bashing Chris Brown and members of his OHB crew for threatening and stalking him. He is also saying that

Casanova – OHB (feat. Chris Brown Lo) (Be Safe Tho Mixtape)

[Hook: Casanova] With that Draco, I’ma kill a nigga I’m a gorilla, nigga Where you at? Where you go? Rain, sleet, hail, snow OHB gon’ let it blow We gon’ kill you for the low So we ridin’ round with Biggie on us Niggas tried to pull a Diddy on us But I’m Hov with

Chris Brown – Dont Fuck With Us

Look, I ain’t really with the talkin’, bitch I’m really ’bout that action I’m runnin’ up a ticket and fuckin’ bitches in traffic Got a hundred million dollars, I could give a fuck about a hater Oh, they be with the snitchin’ and bitchin’, they like investigatin’ Ain’t tryna run down with that 4, let

Chris Brown – In Love With the Bitches

[Verse 1: Chris Brown] Your envy is tall, my niggas livin’ right You mad cause we can pop bottles every fuckin’ night Poppin’ them pills when we chill, for real Smokin’ straight gas, I’mma see you in another life Bitch I’m blunted, just look in my eyes, I won’t fuckin’ lie Catch a vibe, codeine