Nam Woo Hyun – Hold On Me Lyrics (feat. Junoflo)

어디든 날 끌어줘 숨 막히는 악몽에서 Oh Oh Oh 가녀린 손을 뻗어 I Don’t Have Time Pull Me Close Pull Me Close She Pulling Me Closer 실은 이 느낌 네 눈 네 얼굴 어디선가 본적 And I’m Ready To Give My All To You 삼켜 버린 미로 속에서 헤매어 너라는 불빛만 찾는 나인걸 차가운 시선을

Mkj – Mountain Lion Lyrics (feat. Julie Elody)

[Verse 1] I have tattoos and I smoke cigarettes sometimes On the weekends I sing in the shower and I write lyrics sometimes To meet emotional ends I have tattoos and I drink gin and juice most nights On the weekdays Ignoring your call I can’t tell you at all How it feels these days

Juice WRLD – That’s a 50 Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Juice WRLD] Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh (Oh, oh) Oh, ho (Oh) Yeah [Chorus: Juice WRLD] Bank account on 50 (Uh) My clip hold like 50 (Uh) That’s a fuckin’ titty (Uh), that’s a fuckin’ titty (Uh) Bank account on 50 (Uh) My clip hold like 50 (Uh) That’s a fuckin’ titty (Yeah, yeah), that’s a fuckin’