Elujay – Ebmud Lyrics (feat. Just Rese)

[Verse 1: Elujay] Feel these tendencies, tend to think that you lack the key Perceive your hidden agenda, don’t feel the energy Hennessey be the only vice for my fallacies I need some levers for all the weight that I’m balancing (Onetime!) Take your two cents with a grain of salt I’m praying on your

Mochi – Kid INk lyrics

Lyrics Kid Ink – Mochi What you really, really want from me? Hatin’ niggas oughta run from me Why they always tryna come for me? Swear they wanna feel the drumma drumma drummin What these b*tches really want from me? We been here spendin’ lunch money Gon head, drop it down for me And I’ma