Mista Fox – Why Oh Why Lyrics

​(Intro): Mista Fox *mumbling and whispering to self in disbelief* Oh me Oh my? yea… {So… please do not try, please do not try] [*says girl’s name but intentionally layers over it*] Everybody be like “she broke my heart -this”, “she broke my heart -that”? Ya ain’t been through half of this shit man [No

Tyler The Creator – Foreword (feat. Can & Rex Orange County) (Scum Fuck Flower Boy Album)

[Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator] How many cars can I buy ’til I run out of drive? How much drive can I have ’til I run out of road? How much road can they pave ’til they run out of land? How much land can there be until I run in the ocean? You niggas

Tyler The Creator – I Ain’t Got Time! (Scum Fuck Flower Boy Album)

[Intro: Shane Powers] Right now we got some new music only here on Golf Radio! (God I love this sample) We’re going to dance And exercise And have some fun [Chorus] I ain’t got time for these niggas Better throw a watch at the boy Had my boys in this bitch, looking like a seminar

Vic Mensa – Go Tell Em (The Birth Of A Nation The Inspired By Album) letras

[Sample] Go tell em, go tell em Go tell em, go tell em Go tell em, go tell em [Verse 1] Go tell em, I’m gon’ tell what they don’t tell ’em We been under water since they threw us in the boat Sellin cotton pickin’ blues Rock and roll, real role builders Serving white

Nas – War (feat. Raye) (The Birth Of A Nation The Inspired By Album) letras

[Intro: Raye] Oh yeah-yeah Oh-na-na-na, uhm [Raye] Concrete bricks, bullet proof vests I’m proud of these walls that I built to defend And protect this bold heart This bold heart But the way you marched into my home Not few, big army With the weapon on your arm Yes, you struck straight with your cold