NASA announced the final stage of the agreement with the Russian Federation on cross-flights

The United States and Russia are close to signing an agreement on cross-flights to the International Space Station. Dana Weigl, deputy head of the NASA ISS program, told RIA Novosti.   According to Weigl, the agreement is in the final stages of evaluation at NASA and Roscosmos.   Earlier, the head of the Russian state

Rogozin called the condition for the resumption of dialogue between Roscosmos and NASA

Roscosmos enterprises are under Western sanctions, which provide for a ban on the supply of dual-use goods and technologies 56/756573652148564.jpg” alt=”Rogozin called the condition for the resumption of dialogue between Roskosmos and NASA” /> Dmitry Rogozin "Roskosmos" will resume negotiations on cooperation with the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) only if sanctions are

Mishustin instructed Roscosmos to negotiate with NASA

The government of the Russian Federation allowed the state corporation “Roscosmos” to negotiate with NASA regarding cross-flights of cosmonauts and astronauts. The corresponding decree was signed on June 10 by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. <…> on negotiating the signing of the Agreement on the implementation of the agreement between the State Corporation for Space Activities

NASA reconnects with drone helicopter on Mars

The NASA press service reported that the controllers were able to fully restore communication with the Ingenuity drone helicopter on Mars, Interfax reports. “Now that the helicopter is again in contact and gets enough power from his solar panel to charge six lithium-ion batteries, the crew is looking forward to his next flight, — The

NASA expects Russia to participate in the ISS program until 2030

The United States hopes that Russia will continue to participate in the ISS program until 2030. This was stated by the head of NASA Bill Nelson, reports TASS. “We see every reason to believe that the Russian Federation will continue to work on the ISS in the near future”, – he said, speaking in one

Tom Cruise to film aboard the international space station with Elon Musk

LOS ANGELES ( — One small step for Tom Cruise, one giant leap for moviemaking? Cruise is partnering with NASA to shoot a movie, at least in part, aboard the National Space Station, NASA has confirmed, the first narrative feature to be shot in space. “NASA is excited to work with @TomCruise on a film

Filthy Gears – Creep On Ya Lyrics (feat. Vader, Nutcracker & Hitman)

[Intro: Vader] Pew-pew-pew, pew-pew Yo, you better duck Two thousand and seventeen Filthy Gears, mystery Vader, Hitman, Nutcracker Real riders music Serious shit Pew-pew-pew, pew Yo, you better duck, you better duck I-I-I swear [Chorus: Vader] Peep on ya, we’re gonna creep on ya Peep on ya, we’re gonna creep on ya Gonna peep on

Lil Wayne – Mahogany Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Check [Verse 1] Mahogany dashboard, I do the dash, boy Gas to the floor, I’m pressin’ fast forward, I race a NASCAR Transport just what you asked for Don’t ask me what I asked for if you can’t answer Now who them Xans for? I’ll pop DANs for muscle relaxation, I’m a patient Pick up

Juice WRLD – Tick Tock (In The Air) Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Oh-ah-oh-oh-oh-oh Yeah [Chorus] I been on my own shit for so damn long (Ayy) Niggas tryna steal the wave I won’t let ’em run off They think that I’m soft ’cause I make sad songs (Hah) ‘Till we catch ’em slippin’ at the red light and peel off (Grra grra grra)

Young Thug – Jerome Bettis (Still) Lyrics

[Intro: Young Thug] Yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yea Yeah yeah yeah Wheezybeats [Hook: Young Thug] Im still gettin money, Im still getting fetti Im still getting moolah, Im still getting treasures Im still spending lettuce, I run Jerome Bettis Dont even try to play with us, you know we ain’t love you I still

Sophia Black – Real Shit lyrics

(feat. KYLE) [Intro: Sophia Black] Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Sophia Black] When you’re dancing with someone and you think it’s lit But when the lights turn on and they look like piss That’s some real shit When you’re too fucked up and you’re at the club But then your friend rolls

Breakwater – Splashdown Time lyrics

You are now ready to start your descent And re-enter the atmosphere of pleasure We have completed passage through The funktifical groove zone And are ready for a splashdown Fakin’, pretendin’ can’t clear the air Spaceships from NASA won’t take you there Suspended animation ain’t the answer neither All you got to do is have

New level – Soufian feat. Crack Ignaz songtexte

Songtexte Soufian – New level Ja, zum hunderten Mal stell’ ich mir jetzt die Frage Sag, soll ich es tun oder soll ich es lassen? Am Ende des Abends gibt’s nichts außer Patte Weil Patte regiert unsre Straßen seit Jahren Auf Cash Money Brother, wie Brate sein Brate Aus Scheiße mach Gold, aus dem Kilo

Sweet chin music – Kid Ink lyrics

Lyrics Kid Ink – Sweet chin music I’m the same as you left me nigga Gettin’ to the money, not a question nigga Know you see the Rock like I’m wrestlin’ nigga Ask me if I’m high, b***h, you know I’m NASA Ask me what’s you name, might forget the answer I’ll take everything in

Jacob Sartorius – Hit Or Miss lyrics

I heard that life gets hard when you’re older And the fun stuff’s just for kids But what I realize as I grow up Is that it’s just a hit or miss So let’s not worry about tomorrow-ow-ow, nah-nah, nah-nah We all good, baby we alright So let’s not worry about tomorrow-ow-ow, nah-nah, nah-nah We

Bitch – Ugly God lyrics

Lyrics Ugly God – Bitch Bitch. (x17) No I’m not a rapper, this the first page of the chapter B*tch I’m a disaster, bite your b*tch just like a raptor Booty gang pastor, I’m the hash slinging slasher Pussy bacon Escobar, plugged in like an adapter All my music slappin’, make you dance just like

B.o.B – Stanley Kubrick (Elements Album)

[Hook] Giant steps are what you take, walking on the moon I hope my legs don’t break, walking on Walking on the moon [Verse 1] B.o.B, what the hell you doing? What the fuck does Stanley Kubrick have to do with Astronauts and moon men Who the hell you fooling? Fuck you and this whole