Young Thug – Blue Cash (World Go Round) Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Sample & Young Thug] Some people say it’s folly, but I’d rather have the lolly With money, you can make a smash There is nothing quite as wonderful as money, money, money, money There is nothing like a newly minted pound (Money, money, money, money) Everyone must hanker for the butchness of a banker It’s

Barz Da Lyricist – Ru.By Lyrics

Verse: Go into Neverland will you find what you’re lookin for ? Listen to SZA …yeah yeah jam out to Love Galore Hop in a submarine…take a trip let’s explore Lightning and thundering , I’ll be peace in a time of war So many avenues , so many reservoirs Open a mind or two , have access to open

Harry Quintana – Der Terminator Lyrics

[Hook] Mein Life ist hardcore, ich laufe durch die Streets, der Terminator Bitch, wenn du mich siehst, dann greif zum Smartphone Ich rappe auf Piano-Beats, sie hören mich in Monte Carlo Kannst du’s noch mal sagen, ja Mann, klar doch Mein Life ist hardcore, ich laufe durch die Streets, der Terminator Bitch, wenn du mich

Rich Brian – Confetti Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] A home worth stayin’ at In my lifetime [Chorus] Uh, blow me like confettis On that green-green, man, I got the absinthe in me Doin’ shit without thinkin’, hopin’ God forgive me You too toxic for me, pay me for another kidney (Ayy, ayy-ayy) Always fuckin’ winnin’ Pull up to the

Pusha T – Retribution lyrics

(feat. Kehlani) [Verse 1: Pusha T] Now that you’re focused I’m glad that you noticed The realest nigga here It’s kinda chilly being the coldest Me and Timbo in that two-door, making our ”Otis” Now witness the chosen It’s just different here Monte Carlo nights, let her throw the dice Play in paradise All I

Eminem – Berzerk (On Radio 1) (Live)

[Verse 1] Now this shit’s about to kick off, this party looks wack Let’s take it back to straight hip-hop and start it from scratch I’m bout to bloody this track up, everybody get back That’s why my pen needs a pad cause my rhymes on the ra-aag Just like I did with addiction I’m

Kodak Black – Snot Thot

[Conversation] (Chick): Girl came to the door yesterday asking for you (Kodak): Yes, but it was Saturday out there, I was at church (Chick): Nigga, don’t go to church (Kodak): How you gon’ tell me I don’t go to church (Chick): Nigga, don’t go to church, nigga (Kodak): How you gon’ tell me I don’t