Onyx & Dope D.O.D. – Piro (feat. Dopey Rotten) (Shotgunz In Hell Album)

[Verse 1: Skits Vicious, Jay Reaper & Dopey Rotten] What, I don’t give a fuck boy Middle fingers up to you fuckboys Onyx D.O.D yeah we MOB boy D.O.P.E black rock boy Drop boyz the illest in the ozone No clone i be bad to the bone holmes So stoned take a dab of the

G Herbo – Control (Strictly 4 My Fans Album)

[Intro] Hello, whats up, I’m in the studio. No, hell no, no, no I don’t got nothing, I’ma call you back, I’ma call you back man, I’ma call you back when I leave the studio [Hook] She want shopping sprees Oh, she want designer jeans Oh, she want a wedding ring Oh, she bringing anything