Putin outperformed Biden on Middle East tour – Foreign Policy

Photo: Frame from video Foreign Policy compared the trips of Russian and US Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden to the Middle East, and came concluded that the Russian leader's visit was more successful. According to the authors of the article, the US leader's tour of the Middle Eastern states was not a significant success.

The United States announced the refusal of the Middle East to strengthen ties with Russia

Many Middle Eastern states have moved away from the desire to strengthen relations with China and Russia, although they have adhered to this position recently, said a senior official in the US administration, quoted by the White House press service. “I think if you were in the region, let's say <…>, 18 months ago, you'd

Biden promised not to leave a “vacuum” for Russia in the Middle East

The United States does not plan to leave the region, so as not to leave a vacuum that Russia, China and Iran will immediately fill, Biden emphasized Joe Biden The United States clearly sees the problems in the Middle East and will remain involved in this region . This was stated by US President Joe

The real purpose of Joe Biden’s trip to the Middle East has been revealed

U.S. President seeks new allies against Russia Joe Biden will make his first Middle East tour as President of the United States July 13-16, visiting Israel, the Palestinian-controlled West Bank Jordan River, and then go to Saudi Arabia. During the visit, the American leader intends to restore relations between Riyadh and Washington and reduce oil

WP learns about US concerns about Russia’s actions in the Middle East

Washington announced the “provocative” and “unsafe” actions of Russia and Iran in the Middle East. According to the newspaper, the United States is looking for a way to “restore containment” without escalating the conflict Washington is concerned about “provocative” and “unsafe” actions of Russia and Iran in the Middle East, writes The Washington Post, citing

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