Singer Mick Jagger’s son Lucas, 21, recovering from surgery

Mick Jagger‘s son, Lucas Maurice Morad-Jagger, has undergone surgery to help with complications from ear infections. The 21-year-old shared a series of photos of his hospital stay on Instagram, including a shot of him with bandages over his ears, sitting in a wheelchair and with a hospital gown on. “he’s [sic] ok,” the junior Jagger

Penny Lane, immortalised in Beatles song, may have name changed due to slavery claim

LOS ANGELES ( — Road signs for Penny Lane in Liverpool, which was immortalised by the Beatles‘ 1967 song, were recently vandalised due to claims that the street was named after 18th century slave trader James Penny. The signs had the word Penny blacked out and the word “racist” written above them late last week,

Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Ringo Starr, Chuck D, Spike Lee and many more remember Little Richard

LOS ANGELES ( — The music of Little Richard, who died on Saturday at the age of 87, was one of the genuine architects of not only rock and roll but R&B, soul, hip-hop and other genres as well. Few artists can truly be said to have directly inspired the Beatles, James Brown, the Rolling

Inkmonstarr – Sippin’ Lyrics (feat. Juicy J)

[Hook: Juicy J] x8 I’m sippin’ lean and poppin’ benz [Verse 1] Styrofoam filled to the top A chopper clip, yeah, yeah, it’s filled to the top Got some forged metal jacket in this ratchet that I’m packin’ So ain’t no slacking in my [?] before I let you have it I’m a G, on

Rae Sremmurd – Up In My Cocina Lyrics

[Intro] EarDrummers [Verse 1: Swae Lee] Ice everything, I need a figure skater Eating five star meals, tipping waiters PJ, skip commercial flights, that’s no delaying I had too many guests, my neighbours start complaining Sun beaming, my chains jingling, I’m chinky Bitch so pink, broke hoes freak me B-Y-O-B came back, washed in my

Travi$ Scott – Black Mass (Days Before Birds Album) letras

[Verse] Always used to pull up pop trunk at Chancellors Yeah, growing hard Falling hard, like a cancer Yeah, always in the city Always keep a dancer Yeah, she playing in my hair She gotta keep me handsome Yeah, she just in the shower S-she not with the cameras Never asking questions Never giving answers