Royce Da 5’9″ – Fuck My Brains Out (feat. Ingrid Smalls & June) lyrics

(feat. Ingrid Smalls, June) [Ingrid Smalls] Right there, right there? Right there, right there? [Royce Da 5’9″] It goes up, down, side to side That’s how a real bitch ride, ride With the whole thing inside, side (Ahh, ahh) Don’t be shy Boom, show you where the liquid is Blow and your lipstick smears Lick

Tee Grizzley – First Day Out

[Hook:] These niggas prayed on my downfall These niggas prayed on my downfall On all ten bitch I stood tall Show these disloyal niggas how to ball [Verse 1:] Go get the thermometer for the pot, I need this shit cooked right Lets keep this water four hundred degrees Fahrenheit You ever been inside a