Michael Douglas claims actress Debra Winger lost Romancing the Stone role because she ‘bit me on the arm’

Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner oozed chemistry when they starred opposite each other in the 1984 action romance, Romancing the Stone. But it seems the studio originally wanted another actress to play Turner’s role: Debra Winger. Douglas had no objections until he and Winger had dinner together to discuss the film and she apparently bit

Michael Douglas reveals he still lived in the same house as ex-wife after their split in 2000: ‘It was very uncomfortable’

Michael Douglas has shared some details about his divorce from ex-wife Diandra Luker. The couple split in 2000 after 13 years of marriage, but their separation was not as smooth as the actor would have liked as they remained in the same Mallorca house months after breaking up.  Speaking to local Mallorca news outlet, Ultima

Sharon Stone goes viral after tirade about Meryl Streep’s career

Sharon Stone has raised some eyebrows after revealing what she really thinks about Meryl Streep. The 63-year-old Basic Instinct star was interviewed by Zoomer about the release of her new memoir, The Beauty of Living Twice, where she claimed there were many actresses that were of equal talent to Streep, 73, but never achieved the

Catherine Zeta-Jones says marriage to Michael Douglas saved her from ‘vulnerable’ situations as a young actress in Hollywood

Catherine Zeta-Jones believes her marriage to actor Michael Douglas may have saved her from “vulnerable” situations when she was still establishing herself in Hollywood. The 51-year-old shared her thoughts when asked about the Me Too era and her experience as a young actress moving to LA from her native Wales. But the actress said she

Sharon Stone got paid drastically less than Michael Douglas for Basic Insinct: ‘Michael made $14 million’

Sharon Stone has opened up about the drastic pay gap between her and Michael Douglas for their film Basic Instinct. Stone, 63, claimed she only made “a little bit of money” in a recent interview with CBC’s Q With Tom Power. “I didn’t get paid to do Basic Instinct. I made a little bit of

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas celebrate daughter’s graduation: ‘So proud’

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones couldn’t be more proud of their daughter, Carys. The 18-year-old was joined by both her parents and brother, Dylan Douglas, for a family photo celebrating her graduation. READ MORE: Catherine Zeta-Jones says ‘love and respect’ is the key to long-lasting marriage with Michael Douglas “Congratulations to Carys and the entire

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ heartfelt tribute on daughter’s 18th birthday

Catherine Zeta-Jones has shared a heartfelt tribute to her daughter Carys Zeta Douglas in celebration of her 18th birthday. The Oscar-winning actress posted a series of photos featuring her youngest child on Instagram, including an adorable throwback picture of the two of them and a present-day one of the teen. “You are everything, and everything

Catherine Zeta-Jones says ‘love and respect’ is the key to long-lasting marriage with Michael Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones has revealed the secret that’s kept her marriage with Michael Douglas strong after 20 years. Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, the 51-year-old actress says that “love and respect” is what has made her marriage to 76-year-old Douglas long-lasting. “First of all, we have a lot of fun together,” she said. “My husband

Michael Douglas pays tribute to dad Kirk Douglas one year after his death

Michael Douglas has remembered his father, Kirk Douglas, on the first anniversary of his father’s death. The 76-year-old shared a throwback photo with his legendary dad as they posed in front of a bouquet of colourful balloons. “Can’t believe it’s been a year since you left us. At 103, you picked a good time to

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones commemorate late actor Kirk Douglas’ 104th birthday

Michael Douglas has remembered his late father, Kirk Douglas, in what would have been the Hollywood legend’s 104th birthday. The Wall Street star posted a video tribute to Instagram on December 9, in which he shared the best life wisdom his father had imparted on him over the years. “Happy Birthday Dad!” Michael, 76, captioned the

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones share sweet messages for their 20 year wedding anniversary

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary in the sweetest way. On Instagram, Douglas posted the story of how they met, revealing the first time he saw her was back in 1998, when he watched her as Elena Montero in the film The Mask Of Zorro. For a daily dose of

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