Miami police offered a reward for the surrender of weapons in favor of Ukraine

Miami police offered discount cards for surrendering weapons in favor of Ukraine Miami police offered gift certificates in the amount of $50 to $150 for surrendering various types of weapons /img/0/55/756616951894550.jpg 673w” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution : 192dpi)” > Miami (Florida) police have offered local residents a reward for handing

Fetty Wap’s ex and mother of late four-year-old daughter slams report about her cause of death

Turquoise Miami, the mother of Fetty Wap’s late four-year-old daughter, Lauren Maxwell, has hit back at reports of the toddler’s cause of death. According to TMZ, which cited a death certificate, Lauren’s cause of death was a fatal cardiac arrhythmia — an irregular heartbeat — due to complications of congenital cardiac anomalies. She died at

Rapper Polo G arrested in Miami following album release

Chicago rap star Polo G was arrested in Miami, Florida on Saturday morning, Variety has confirmed. The 22-year-old, born Taurus Bartlett, was booked at 8am at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center for five charges totalling US$19,500 (approx. $25,305), according to jail records obtained by the Miami Herald. The charges include battery on a police officer,

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck caught kissing on date at a gym in Miami

Bennifer is back in business! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were caught kissing in between workout sets at a gym in Miami on Monday May 24. READ MORE: Ben Affleck is seen wearing the watch Jennifer Lopez gifted him in Jenny From The Block music video According to In Touch, the once former couple were

A look back at what you might have missed from the Jenny from the Block music video

Jennifer Lopez‘s 2002 smash hit single ‘Jenny from the Block’ — the song that coined her oft-used nickname — may be almost two decades old but, thanks to the Bennifer renaissance, the music video is more relevant than ever. Featuring rappers Jadakiss and Styles P. of The LOX and sampling songs like 20th Century Steel

Jennifer Lopez all smiles as she reunites with Ben Affleck in Miami

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been spotted spending more time together. In photographs obtained by People, the pair were snapped at a private residence in Miami on Sunday, May 23, weeks after they rekindled their romance. In the photo, Lopez is all smiles while the Oscar winner stands close behind her. According to People,

Alex Rodriguez hints at ‘new beginning’ following split from Jennifer Lopez

Alex Rodriguez is ready for a fresh start. The former MLB star, 45, shared a cryptic post via his Instagram Story on Sunday about beginning a new chapter in his life following his split from Jennifer Lopez. READ MORE: Who really DM’d Today Extra host Belinda Russell from Alex Rodriguez’s Instagram “I am about to

The Fat Boys’ Prince Markie Dee dies at 52

Mark Anthony Morales, known as Prince Markie Dee of the early rap group the Fat Boys and a hit songwriter and producer for Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey and others, has died, according to his manager, Louie “Uncle Louie” Gregory. He was 52. While the Fat Boys were often considered a novelty act of early

Oscars 2021: Film Academy considering postponing 2021 Oscars

LOS ANGELES ( — The 93rd Oscars aren’t until February, but the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is considering postponing the big night, according to multiple sources. The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, say definitive plans are far from being concrete at this juncture. The telecast is currently set for

Betty Wright, Grammy-winning soul singer, dies at 66

LOS ANGELES ( – Betty Wright, a soul and R&B singer best known for her ’70s hit ‘Clean Up Woman,’ has died. She was 66. Wright died at her Miami home on Sunday from cancer, according to Billboard. Born Bessie Regina Norris, Wright adopted her stage name when she was just a kid. With her

Codigo Fn – El Mago Lyrics

El que sale traicionero es parte honesta de testigo Tengo veintitantos años para muchos estoy plebiyo He disparado las armas y hasta ahorita sigo vivo Mi mera pata de palo siempre han sido carros deportivos Y al entrar en California Archibaldo está conmigo Don Perignon y Buchanan’s plebitas música en vivo Por el freeway 101

Rare Earth – Every Now And Then We Get To Go On Down To Miami Lyrics

I ain’t got no money And neither has my honey But happiness is just around the corner Here we stay, every day Saving up for money just to get away And every now and then we get to go on down to Miami Every now and then we got to go on down Every now

Go Yayo – No Fly Zone Lyrics

(Hood Fame – Gang) (Yayo) [Indiscernible speech] [Chorus] Fucc with the gang, we gon’ get it up Pop up with 100 round drain My youngin’ go dummy with [???] Text the white girl to get rid o’ her Serve dicc to that bitch, she can’t get enough Call up my youngin’, he keep it dumb

Liza Monet – Yaourt Aux Fruits Lyrics

Yaourt aux fruits [x3] Yaourt aux fruits , fruits Yaourt aux fruits [x3] Yaourt aux fruits , fruits Yaourt aux fruits [x3] Yaourt aux fruits , fruits Je n’comprends pas pourquoi je les traumatise Boyfriend , Girlfriend à moi de choisir J’arrive dans le bise , déjà petit tissage tu connais C’est que des barbies

Tyla Yaweh – Understand Me Lyrics

[Pre-Chorus] She said them red bottoms f**k up her toes She ungrateful, I drip her down in the clothes Plus her energy take me from high to low When she finally get it I gotta go [Chorus] She said she cannot stand me I take another bitch out to Miami Think she know but she don’t understand me I’m

Meek Mill – Letter to Nipsey Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Meek Mill] Yeah [Verse 1: Meek Mill] I just left your viewing at the Staples Center (I did) Obama wrote you a letter, yeah, you made it, nigga (You made it) I even heard you had some players to come to Vegas with us And them suckers could never kill you, it only made you

704chop – Flawless Lyrics

[Intro] Palaze, what you cookin’? [Chorus] I’m rockin’ VV’s in my chain, flawless, gang But can’t none of these diamonds bring my nigga back And I ain’t never make up, but that’s on my mama I look up in the stars, see the silhouette I’m heartbroken, I’m dealing with calmin’, no Sometimes got me feeling like I’m still attached

Seko – Money Lyrics

[Sample] [Hook] Eigentlich geht es nur ums Money Eigentlich geht es nur ums Money Eigentlich geht es nur ums Money Eigentlich geht es nur ums Money Eigentlich geht es nur ums Money Eigentlich geht es nur ums Money Eigentlich geht es nur ums Money Eigentlich geht es nur ums Money [Part 1] Sie verkaufen sich

Giovane Feddini – Piano Di Dio Lyrics

[Ritornello] Fanculo l’album posso uccidere la scena solo con un mixtape In veneto tra gente che non vede altro Se non calcio, macchine e schei Testa in alto come fossi sull’ultimo piano dell’Empire State Fanculo l’album posso uccidere la scena solo con un mixtape [Strofa 1] Ho genitori onesti, si sbattono da anni Per l’ottica

Dj Durel – Bad Moves Lyrics (feat. Quavo & Rich The Kid)

[Intro: Rich the Kid & Quavo] Bad moves Trap, I might shoot In Miami DJ Durel! [Chorus: Rich the Kid] She don’t even love me, she just like me ’cause I’m bad I was in the ‘Rari pullin’ off, I made ’em mad (Skrrt) If they try to pull me over, I’ma do the dash (Woo, woo) If she

Jaden – The Hottest Lyrics

[Intro] I just landed in Miami, swear they’ll never understand me Hunnid on the free way and I’m gunnin’ for the Grammy Sexy mama got a whip, hella sandy She wanna take the city, I said “Baby, why can’t we?” [Chorus] Bad boys, we don’t really got a choice (Got a choice) I’m the hottest, you can hear it