Selena Gomez calls on Mark Zuckerberg to stop Facebook’s spread of ‘hate’ and ‘misinformation’

Selena Gomez has posted a message to her Instagram story calling out Facebook executives Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg for not doing enough to counteract negativity on the platform. Gomez, who has a whopping 193 million followers on Instagram (a platform owned on Facebook), shared a screenshot of a direct message that she sent to

G-EAZY – But A Dream lyrics

[Chorus] Yeah, Legendary swag, young god, stay drippin’ Spillin’ champagne on a boat, big pimpin’ Life is but a dream, look bitch, stop trippin’ You know what it is, you know what it isn’t She just get it poppin’ every time daddy visit Drinking by the pool, go ahead and take a dip in Life