Aussie singer Sia reveals she adopted two teenage boys last year: ‘I love them’

Aussie singer Sia has revealed she secretly adopted not one, but two teenage boys last year. In a promo clip for an upcoming interview with SiriusXM Hits 1′s The Morning Mash Up, the 44-year-old spoke lovingly about her two sons, which came as a surprise to the hosts who, like many, thought Sia had only

Tsr Crew – Champs De Vision Lyrics

[Couplet 1 : Hugo] Les flics on esquive six grammes dans l’sang j’ai la vision réduite Un splif et on médite, j’peux m’sentir seul même si on est dix Chaque soir c’est l’éclipse, quand la bouteille rend fou Encore une vision floue, j’attends pas la pleine lune pour être en loup La rage en nous

Cashius Green – Monumental Robbery Lyrics

[Hook x3: Cashius Green] f**k the price of gasoline That means the weed mans gonna tax my trees Cocaine has never been cheap Bitch gettin’ stingy with that lean And make that ‘tshh’ sound, we’ll see When the world comes crumbling down on you And you’re back to square one, what’s up? [Verse 1: Cashius

Ssq – Trippin’ Me Out Lyrics

Trippin’… Trippin’ me out Trippin’… You keep trippin’ me out Baby, when you puzzle me It’s like dropping LSD You’re a ride to Neverland With a stop in Amsterdam Trippin’… Trippin’ me out Trippin’… You keep trippin’ me out Took a wrong turn to my dream In a platinum limousine The transaction was declined I don’t play cruel to

Travis Scott – Grey Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus] We wake up when the sun goes down Neighbor says the smell’s too loud Ridin’ in my old school thang Shotgun with my old school babe So wake me when the sun goes down Tonight’s my last night in town I pledge to a flag so grey No matter what time, the skies are grey,

Lil Tracy – Mackbook Flexin Lyrics

[Intro: yung bruh & Vim shadows] Graah Trappin of my fucking Mackbook goddamn, fuck What the fuck you mean? Ay shoutout yung bruh Trap, flexin, damn yee Ah Ay shoutout that nigga Kemet Dank foreverboys man… Yung bruh shoutout my nigga Vim shadows Vim shadows shawty Daaaamn Aaaaaah ah okay, okay, flexin, uuuh goddamn [Verse1:

Flatbush Zombies – Trade-Off (On Jimmy Kimmel) (Live) letras

[Hook 1: Erick Arc Elliot] It’s that work hard, play hard Make you quit that day job I smoked so much this year we couldn’t even take a day off I plan to take a trip Want the money how it’s spent I just re-up Plus I just payed my phone and the rent [Verse