Where art thou, Anya? Star of trippy Last Night in Soho briefly goes missing during Venice standing ovation

The Venice crowd at the Sala Grande theatre could not take their eyes off Anya Taylor-Joy during Edgar Wright‘s trippy psychological thriller Last Night in Soho. But when the movie ended just after midnight on Saturday and the spotlight shone on the cast to receive applause from the festival attendees, as is tradition, Taylor-Joy was

2PM – Promise (I’ll Be) lyrics

[Wooyoung] Sigyeman chyeodabogo isseo Gidarigiga neomu himdeureo Ilbun ilchoga neomu gireo I need you right now [Nichkhun] Niga eoptneun bameun neomu gireo Jigeum baro derireo galkka Oneureun neomu neujeotna I need you right now [Chansung] Uri dulmanui Moon Light Meorissogeul maemdoneun Last Night Duriseo ([All] Oh) Baby ([All] Oh) [Junho] Baby I’ll be Baby I’ll