Star Wars voice actor Tom Kane left unable to speak after suffering stroke

Voice actor Tom Kane, known for his work on various entries in the Star Wars franchise, suffered a stroke two months ago that left him largely unable to speak, according to a Facebook post written by his daughter. “He had a left side stroke that gave him right sided weakness and damage to the speech

The Beatles – Medley: Kansas City/Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Lyrics

[Verse 1] Ah, Kansas City Going to get my baby back home Yeah, yeah I’m going to Kansas City Going to get my baby back home Yeah, yeah Well, it’s a long, long, time Since my baby’s been gone [Verse 2] Ah, Kansas City Going to to get my baby one time Yeah, yeah I’m

Janelle Monáe – Django Jane lyrics

[Verse 1] This is my palace, champagne in my chalice I got it all covered like a wedding band Wondaland, so my alias is Alice And we gon’ start a motherfuckin’ pussy riot Or we gon’ have to put ’em on a pussy diet Look at that, I guarantee I got ’em quiet Look at

Tech N9ne – Brand New Hunnids (feat. Jl, Rittz & Frizz) (Uncensored)

[Hook: Frizz] Ay, ay I’ma keep it real like a brand new hunnid Ay ‘Bout that life, I ain’t ever ran from it Ay Everywhere I go I try to get to the money Ay Everywhere I go I try to get to the money [Verse 1: Rittz] I’ve been feeling like Pablo in the

Johnny Cash – Wanted Man Lyrics

JOHNNY CASHWanted Man Lyrics [Written by Bob Dylan] Wanted man in California, Wanted man in Buffalo Wanted man in Kansas City, Wanted man in Ohio Wanted man in Mississippi, Wanted man in ol’ Cheyenne Wherever you might look tonight you might see this wanted man I might be in Colorado, Or Georgia by the sea

Tyga – Playboy (Bitch I’m The Shit 2 Album)

[Hook: Tyga] Uhh, I got a pornstar’s tenacity Fuck her like it’s ten of me, I’ve been a nasty nigga Nigga, I got a dope boy’s tenacity Cocky like I got ten ki’s and they harassing me Woo, super freak in my passenger She a superstar and got it bad for me If I hang

Big Scoob – Doe-Rey-Me (feat. Boogieman & Young Boss) (H.O.G Album)

[Intro: Big Scoob] I don’t know how you live, but how I live, I don’t step out the house unless I’m going to get some fucking paper There’s only two things to do when you step out the house: That’s either get some paper, or die trying.. [Bridge: Big Scoob] Raised in it, and I

Big Scoob – Soul Musik (H.O.G Album)

[Intro: Siri] Please choose a playlist You’ve chosen "Big Scoob’s Soul Musik Playlist’ [Chorus: Krizz Kaliko] Such beautiful music (so beautiful) From deep in my soul (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) It’s a beautiful movement (Oh it’s a beautiful movement) Such a sight to behold [Verse 1: Big Scoob] Push play, Kansas City’s on