Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan perform soulful, syncopated Super Bowl national anthem; H.E.R. shreds on America the Beautiful

Country and R&B stars Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan teamed up Sunday for one of the more unusual wrinkles in Super Bowl national anthem history, and something Francis Scott Key probably scarcely imagined: a duet. That didn’t turn out to be the only extraordinary thing about their rendition: it was certainly one of the few

Meek Mill – 1942 Flows Lyrics

[Verse 1] Started off poor with plans to earn more Now we own stores and fuck the baddest whores I was on tour with niggas that sold raw Started sellin’ white, we won’t sell it no more I’m like, Trump ain’t feelin’ us, cops still killin’ us Niggas takin’ shots, can’t stop me, they ain’t