Chris Evans’ fans are sharing wholesome photos of him to drown out his accidental nude photo on Twitter

Chris Evans‘ fans are coming to his defence. After accidentally posting a nude photo of himself online, the Captain America star’s fan base quickly stepped in to help prevent the NSFW pic from circulating social media — by posting adorable snaps of Evans and his dog, Dodger. “Pictures of Chris Evans with his dog dodger

Monica Molina – Las Cuatro Y Diez Lyrics

Fue en ese cine,te acuerdas En una mañana “Al Este del Edén” James Dean tiraba piedras A una casa blanca,entonces te besé Aquella fue la primera vez Tus labios parecian de papel Y a la salida en la puerta Nos pidió un triste inspector nuestros carnés Luego volvi a la Academia Para no faltar a

Ariel Pink – Acting (feat. Dâm Funk)

[Intro] Yeah See you tonight Have fun at Wi Spa Okay, man Acting like James Dean Acting out off-screen Acting comes naturally, I’m acting out on fantasies, I’m I’m acting… I’m acting… I’m acting I’m acting Act exactly as you are Act just like a movie star Act just like a part of me I’m

Superfruit – Heartthrob Lyrics

SUPERFRUITHeartthrob Lyrics Oh no, what’s my locker combo? It’s the birthday of a Leonardo Bells ringing and I gotta go And I’m single if you gotta know I’m so over James Dean I’m more of a three names queen Freddie Prinze Junior, Chad Michael Murray Want you to be my, want you to be my

SUPERFRUIT – Heartthrob (Future Friends – Part One Album)

[Verse 1: Mitch & Both] Oh no, what’s my locker combo? (Oh yeah) It’s the birthday of a Leonardo (Oh yeah) Bells ringing, and I gotta go And I’m single, if you gotta know I’m so over James Dean I’m more of a three names queen [Pre-Chorus: Both & Mitch] Freddie Prinze Junior Chad Michael

Lana Del Rey – Children Of The Bad Revolution (Cherry Blossom Album)

[Intro] Take me in your fast car Mercedes Kissing on your neck while you’re driving He- he doesn’t care, I’m always on my Blackberry All the time, all the time, buying into every line [Verse 1] I’m a flashy little lush, but he thinks I’m really fine Notorious and wild, takes me where I’m gonna

G-Eazy – The Day It All Changed

Yeah, un-fuck-with-able Black on black Vader, soundtrack is so cynical It’s for certain, keep a cup of Bourbon, it’s so critical I’m just getting started, still a couple years from pinnacle Low key, I been killing y’all in another interval You kiss that bitch, you imbecile, her mouth stay on my genitals Text me ten