Halle Berry says she ‘married’ boyfriend Van Hunt in ‘commitment ceremony’ organised by her son

Halle Berry is married! Well, not quite. The Bruised actress and director, 55, revealed her eight-year-old son, Maceo, held an unofficial wedding for her and her boyfriend, Van Hunt. During an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Monday, Berry clarified that she is not married to Hunt, 51, but instead, Maceo held an

Halle Berry sued by former UFC star Cat Zingano over Bruised film role snub

MMA star Cat Zingano has sued Halle Berry, alleging she passed up a key UFC fight in order to appear in Berry’s film about mixed martial arts — only to be dropped from both UFC and the film. Berry’s film, Bruised, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and is due out on

Halle Berry shares inspiring message on love amid new relationship with Van Hunt: ‘Never give up’

Halle Berry is more loved up than ever! The Academy Award winner, 54, is sharing a hopeful message to her followers amid her new relationship with singer Vant Hunt. “We do this thing called whatever the f–k we want! 💋,” she wrote in the caption of the post on May 16. She responded to a

Halle Berry reveals her Oscars hairstyle was just a wig after fans poked fun at dramatic look

Halle Berry definitely saw the conversation about her new bob at the 2021 Academy Awards. The 54-year-old actress and director debuted her look on the red carpet and let’s just say the internet had feelings about the blunt bob with bangs. Lots of memes popped up comparing it to the character of Edna Mode from

Halle Berry expresses frustrations in paying unreasonable child support: ‘It’s wrong and it’s extortion’

Halle Berry has expressed her frustrations over having to pay an unreasonable amount in child support. The 54-year-old actress sparked a debate when she posted a cryptic quote reading “Women don’t owe you s–t” on Instagram earlier this week.  And it didn’t take long for some followers to wonder if Berry was talking about her

Halle Berry hits back at Instagram troll who claims the actress ‘can’t keep a man’

Halle Berry has expertly put a hater in their place for claiming she “can’t keep a man” — and she told several others to move along after they left similar comments on her Instagram. The 54-year-old shared an empowering quote on the social media platform over the weekend, which read, “Women don’t owe you s–t”,

Halle Berry ‘heartbroken’ over death of B.A.P.S. co-star Natalie Desselle Reid

Halle Berry is mourning the death of her former co-star, Natalie Desselle Reid, remembering their friendship as “a connection that was simply unexplainable.” Desselle Reid, who starred alongside Berry in the beloved 1997 comedy B.A.P.S., died of colon cancer on Monday. She was 53. Berry posted a clip on her verified Instagram account from the

Halle Berry delivers sassy comeback amid claims she’s ‘bad in bed’

Halle Berry has hit back at claims made by a fellow actress that she’s “bad in bed”. The 54-year-old had a sassy comeback for LisaRaye McCoy, who sensationally claimed last week that Berry was not that skilled in the bedroom. “Ms. @TheRealLRaye1, ask my my man @vanhunt he’ll tell ya all y’all need ta know,”

Halle Berry seemingly confirms her new relationship with singer Van Hunt

Halle Berry has seemingly confirmed she’s dating singer Van Hunt! Berry, 54, shared a picture on Instagram of herself wearing a t-shirt with Hunt’s logo emblazoned on the front. “Now ya know,” she captioned the post on September 17. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFP6uTmpL-y/?utm_source=ig_embed&amp Hunt, 50, also shared an Instagram selfie of a woman planting a kiss on his

Halle Berry files to represent herself in Olivier Martinez divorce case

Halle Berry is wanting to represent herself in her divorce case with ex Olivier Martinez, five years after their split. According to court documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, the actress, 54, filed to represent herself instead of a lawyer. Her former lawyer, Marina Zakiyan Beck, signed off on the change on July 30,

Halle Berry and Michael B. Jordan offer support to Megan Thee Stallion after she reveals details of shooting

Celebrities across Hollywood are coming to Megan Thee Stallion’s defence after she shed more light this week on her July shooting. During an Instagram Live stream on Thursday, ‘WAP’ rapper Stallion, 25, publicly accused Canadian rapper Tory Lanez of shooting her in the feet — adding more details to her original account of the July

Halle Berry pulls out of transgender film role after backlash

Halle Berry has pulled out of a role in an upcoming film in which she’d play a transgender character after facing backlash online. In an Instagram live interview on Friday, the actor said she had been preparing for the role, but had not been officially cast. “[It’s] a character where the woman is a trans

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