Rich The Kid – Ray Charles Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Ayy, let me hear that ho, Jeff Bitch-ass niggas Ho-ass niggas, we countin’ this shit up We rackin’ this shit up Spent a whole M for the whole team You know what I’m sayin, on just ice (Swear) [Chorus] Put a whole hunnid racks in my left hand (Hunnid) I cook it up like a

Prince – Let’s Go Crazy

[Spoken Intro] Dearly beloved We are gathered here today To get through this thing called "life" Electric word, life It means forever and that’s a mighty long time But I’m here to tell you There’s something else The afterworld A world of never ending happiness You can always see the sun, day or night So

Sphere – Sphere-Ism

Everybody, Looking for This Shine No fear Star… Everybody, Looking for This Stage Moment Episode…Spark! Open the Page! Hey, Ms. My Story, La La La… Make it Days Only One. 3, 2, 1…Joy! Hey, Ms. My Story, Doing Alright Now? Make it Days Only One, Want to Enjoy!! 進行中の毎日に 目次なんて無いけど 気づけば冒険譚 書けるぐらいは歩いたね Hey, Ms. My Story, Doing

Crayon Pop – Vroom Vroom lyrics

[Soyul] Oh no i saeroun ikkeullim Eotteoke nege ppajyeobeoryeosseo Mwonga keuniri nalgeotgata Yeonghonkkaji ppaetgyeobeoryeosseo [Way] Du nune hateuga banjjak bul kyeojyeowa Dodohan cheok haebwado jakku tiga na [Gummi] Simjangi ttwineun sokdon beolsseo autoban Heundeul heundeul heundeullyeo mak [Choa] Bureung bureung bureung Bureung bureung bureung Oh Oh dallyeogalgeoya Bureung bureung bureung bureung bureung Oh Oh Na