Travis Scott – Sweet Sweet lyrics

[Intro] (Whistling) [Bridge] ‘Cause you’re sweet Sak pasé? (it’s lit) Wah yah seh? (wah yah seh?) Runnin’ up (yah) all this cake (yah, yah) Bag it up (yah) den come right away (yah, yah!) ‘Cause you’re sweet (yah, yah-yah!) What’s your status? (yah) Yah, might hit your address, if I’m on them Addys (yah) Jet

Tru Life – Last Night (feat. Future)

[Intro: Future] Yeah, yeah Tru told me like, "Pluto, nigga, you abnormal, nigga" I sound abnormal They don’t have no clue what mothafuckin’ happened Burn this bitch down Land a jet like anywhere, know what I’m sayin’? Streets love us (Myles William) Yeah! [Chorus: Future] Last week they robbed the plug (woo) Last night he

Joyner Lucas – Tapdance letras

[Hook 1] This that shit that’ll make me tap dance All over your crib, then backhand Both you and your bitch, then crash land On my alien ship, then stack bands I get it in quick, I’m laughing At you and your clique, what happened Nigga, look what you did, I’m asking Bitch, I’m a