Youngboy Never Broke Again – Knocked Off Lyrics

[Intro] Who made this shit? TayTay made the beat Ayy, f**k all you niggas, yeah Yeah, free Choppa Boy (You know the don dada, yeah) We step on anything, and still steppin’, nigga (Look) [Verse 1] Went to the bank, I left with fifty in my pocket, nigga Gang, I been tryna leave ’em blank, this on your noggin, nigga I got juveniles who

Chief Keef – Never Had A Job (feat. Fredo Santana) (The W Mixtape)

[Chorus: Fredo Santana] Wake up every day, bitch I feel like a star Gang with me don’t get your ass popped Tweak with the squad we gon’ take this shit far Finesse a fucking clown don’t get your ass rocked Just bought some pints man, finna get some pops When I’m in the mall don’t