Go Yayo – Rambo Lyrics

[Chorus] Hunnids, blue benjis (cash) Racks, got y’all Go yayo, boss, head huncho (og) Yo bitch, my bitch Slut bitch, scando (yeah) Young nigga strapped up like sandals Try me, I’m goin’ rambo, rambo (boom) Yeah, goin’ rambo, goin’ rambo Hoodfame gang too hard to handle On a scotter with a thooka goin’ rambo (boom)

Easy Life – Houseplants Lyrics

[Verse 1] You pour the wine, I’ll pour a cup of tea Strain our eyes to adjust to this jarring colour scheme And mood lights and house plants Grand Designs and channel surfin’ Driftin’ with these solar winds We stay searchin’ I’m really enjoying this regardless of what happens from here Turn it up, don’t

Kodak Black – Reminiscing (Painting Pictures Album)

[Intro: Kodak Black] Off the head, shit, you know what I’m saying Blee, brr, off the dome, man, I’m in, ayy [Verse 1: Kodak Black] 22 hours locked down, ain’t shit to do but think I remember like it was yesterday, was drinkin’ out the sink I’m sittin’ back plottin’, I’m just sittin’ back vibin’

Play your position – Skippa da Flippa lyrics

Lyrics Skippa da Flippa – Play your position Lately I been countin’ Franklin’s First class flight to go to London Back then I was the only gunman Chase the paper like I’m hunting Better play your position My favorite room in here the kitchen I rock presidential like Nixon Grip the hammer when a nigga

Train – What Good Is Saturday (A Girl, A Bottle, A Boat Album)

[Verse 1] What good is Saturday if you’re not here to stay "I made you French toast and coffee, come over"? When ya’ coming back to California? Baby, I’m hungry [Pre-Chorus 1] Your mail is piling up, I heard the weather’s rough I know your mama’s going crazy, like always Crying you a river like

Kanye West – Ass Shots Lyrics

[Intro: Kanye West] I don’t know why niggas tripping on a nigga For clippers, I hate you niggas too But I’m black and Mexican, we gon’ change that, haha I hate you niggas too! [Hook: Kanye West] If you ain’t had good pussy, nigga, try some Your girl ain’t got no ass, she need to