Machine Gun Kelly – Rap Devil Lyrics

[Intro] Oh my god, Ronny [Verse 1] Ayy somebody grab him some clippers (Zzz) His fucking beard is weird Tough talk from a rapper paying millions for security a year “I think my dad’s gone crazy,” yeah Hailie you right Dad’s always mad cooped up in the studio yelling at the mic You’re sober and

Doe Boy – Gang (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)

[Intro: Doe Boy] All fuck niggas exit the building Right now Gang in the building Gang gang [Hook: Machine Gun Kelly & Doe Boy] Tell your partner you don’t never want no problems with my Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang Yeah bitch you know I’m know I’m out here wildin’ with my Gang, gang, gang,

Machine Gun Kelly – Alpha Omega (In Czech Republic) (Live) letras

[Intro] We not asking mothafuckers to care about us We just letting mothafuckas know we coming It’s real, it’s a real mothafuckin’ movement Whether you like it or not Whether you support it or not It’s a real mothafuckin’ movement, man It’s Cleveland man [Verse 1] I am the alpha omega, black flag swinger Fuck