George Michael – My Baby Just Cares For Me (Songs From The Last Century Album)

My baby don’t care for shows My baby don’t care for clothes My baby just cares for me My baby don’t care for cars and races My baby don’t care for high tone places Elizabeth Taylor is not his style And even Ricky Martin’s smile Is something he can’t see My baby don’t care who

Gucci Mane – Moon Walk

[Intro: Gucci Mane] (Hee-hee) Wop, it’s Gucci Mike Will, burr burr, burr burr [Hook: Akon] Moon walk Beat that pussy up so good Man, I make that bitch moon walk Slidin’ up and down that wood Shoulda seen that hoe moon walk Screamin’ out, “Daddy, you so good” Watchin’ you gettin’ to it Cause you’s