Jay Fizzle – Introduction Lyrics

[Intro] Fah, fah Racks racks Fizzle Gang Gang, gang, gang, gang Whole lot of paper route business Yeah, yeah, yeah Paper route Taliban Big grape Crip [Chorus] Pockets on full, strapped with that forty, yeah I hear the little shit that you talkin’ I don’t sip lean, but I smoke weed, yeah Strong got a

Pusha T – Retribution lyrics

(feat. Kehlani) [Verse 1: Pusha T] Now that you’re focused I’m glad that you noticed The realest nigga here It’s kinda chilly being the coldest Me and Timbo in that two-door, making our ”Otis” Now witness the chosen It’s just different here Monte Carlo nights, let her throw the dice Play in paradise All I

Listen Popcaan New Song “Rich & Bad” Prod. By Markus

Popcaan has a clear message for his enemies and that is he is “Rich & Bad.” The Unruly Boss teamed up with producer Markus Myrie, Buju Banton son, for the new dancehall banger. “Pu**y dem diss man a die out / Can’t diss one and fly out / New submachine man try out / Rich

Popcaan Drop Video For Gangsta Anthem “El Chapo”

Tweet Share Popcaan drop the video for his new gangsta anthem “El Chapo” and he used the opportunity to send a clear message to his enemies. The video clip features Popcaan living in a mansion at an undisclosed location (Kingston) just like a drug kingpin. He surrounds himself with lots of women and thugs that

Popcaan Drop New Dancehall Gangsta Anthem “El Chapo”

When Popcaan released a gritty single like this new track “El Chapo,” Alkaline is the first artist comes to mind. Popcaan pays homage to notorious Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo with this new single while also sending a clear message to his enemies that he and his Killy will put them in the dirt. The

El Chapo – Popcaan lyrics

Lyrics Popcaan – El Chapo El Gringo, El Gringo El Chapo, El Chapo El Chapooo What if I chopper dem chop you Unruly, f*cking boss Me overdweet. Me put the ‘K ‘pon repeat Versuri-lyrics.info Pull it inna face a no feet Lef’ shell ‘pon the street Make bare squaddy seettt. Popcaan lyrics Video Chapo

Coco Cuba – Dtf paroles

Paroles DTF – Coco Cuba Choca choca Esé y’a plus d’famille, Paco a tiré sur Miklo Vas-t’en, vas-t’en, tues pas ton frère comme Cruzito J’ai le cigare à Tony, le costard à De Niro Coup franc enroulé placé à la Del Piero La morale de Montana, los principes de la ciudad Hasta, hasta luego, j’m’embête

Kali Uchis – Tyrant (Remix) (feat. Daniel Caesar)

[Intro: Kali Uchis] Baby dímelo Dímelo, dímelo, dímelo [Verse 1: Kali Uchis] All I hear is sirens In a world so violent Would you be a tyrant If I gave you power Would you take it out Look me in my iris I can read your silence When everything is a riot You’re my peace

Ghet-Apens – Samat feat. Kaaris paroles

Paroles Samat – Ghet-Apens Hey yo, c’est Pablo Mes ennemis sur l’tableau mais dans l’Porsche j’l’ai pas eux J’laisse sur l’carreau J’parle de meurtre et d’braquo, demande au poto Fianso Fusil d’assaut : j’perce tes abdo’, trou tes dorsaux, recto-verso Qui veut ma peau? J’tire mon chapeau, détruis l’château, plus d’El Chapo Arrête ton ce-vi,

Fat Joe & Remy Ma – Cookin (feat. French Montana & Rysovalid) (Plata O Plomo Album)

[Intro: French Montana] Crack Haaan (This is…) Montana Skrr [Bridge: French Montana] Bad bitches, fuckin’ everyone of ’em Ten chains, rockin’ everyone of ’em I’m in the club, bitches beggin’ me to shoot ’em up With the seventeens, sixteens, there ain’t a new one up [Hook: RySoValid] It look like I been cookin’, it look

Wyclef Jean – Hendrix (J’ouvert Deluxe Edition Album)

[Pre-Hook] I’ma do this one for my homies gone The judge hit the hammer they ain’t coming home We all are from the danger zone The devil pulled the card and he said choose one I chose music, my homies chose yay Some of my ballers chose the NBA Cuzzo’s on the block, man they

Ralo – My Brothers (feat. Future)

[Intro – Future] You know this s**t adding up right now, you know what I’m saying like Freebandz Gang, Taliban Gang. Same thing, same difference, dig what I’m saying? I’m finna spazz out right quick though, check gang though [Chorus – Future] My brother, my goon, my goon, my ni**a, my partners Hold up, we

Tech N9ne – Buss Serves (feat. Big Scoob & Young Devi D) (The Storm Deluxe Edition Album)

[Intro] Started with the blow and went to flows Listen to me tell my gutter story and it goes [Verse 1: Tech N9ne] When I was 19 I went to go live with my auntie and noticed she had nice things The furniture and All of her clothes quite clean To never be working a

Belly – Consuela (feat. Young Thug & Zack) (Inzombia Mixtape)

[Verse 1: Belly] She hit the plane with half a kilo She turned around and said tranquilo Tomorrow meet me at mi casa Just call me when you know que pasa I think I’m falling for consuela She’s from the slums of Venezuela No I can’t wait until mañana I fly to meet you in

A$ton Matthews – Coldest Night In Hell letras

[Intro] Yeah, ok, yeah These the darkest nights your boy done ever seen, yeah [Verse 1] These the darkest nights your boy done ever seen A hunnid days, a hunnid nights, it’s like a murder scene You know we seen but ain’t heard a thing We just keep the choppers on the judge The kitchen