Rapper DMX’s family debunks rumours, warns fans of scammers raising cash for funeral

DMX‘s family would like fans to know that they have his funeral and burial expenses covered, and anyone who is using the family’s name to raise money is a scammer. According to TMZ, who spoke with DMX’s direct family members, there have been rumours circulating online that his inner circle is asking for financial assistance

DMX’s ex-wife Tashera Simmons honours late rapper on her 50th birthday

DMX‘s ex-wife, Tashera Simmons, is remembering the late rapper following his death. On Saturday, Simmons marked her 50th birthday with a montage of throwback photos posted to her Instagram. The snaps featured moments from her childhood as well as shots from her wedding to DMX. “Happy, happy birthday to me. April 10, 1971. Wow, what

DMX honoured by music industry and beyond: ‘His legend will live on forever’

Following rapper DMX’s death on Friday morning, fellow musicians, fans and industry professionals took to social media to remember his storied career. Def Jam Recordings, who last collaborated with DMX on his album Grand Champ in 2003, released a statement honouring the late rapper. “Def Jam Recordings and the extended Def Jam family of artists,

DMX has not ‘regained any brain function’ a week after suffering from a heart attack

DMX has not regained any of his brain function a week after a reported drug overdose led to the rapper’s heart attack. According to TMZ, the family are now dealing with the decision on whether to withdraw his life support as brain function results are “not good”. The 50-year-old has shown “no improvement in brain

Grammy-nominated rapper DMX dies one week after suffering a reported heart attack

Rapper DMX has died one week after suffering a heart attack. He was 50 years old.  The Grammy-nominated rapper’s family confirmed he had passed away in a New York hospital, issuing a statement on Friday (2.30am Saturday AEDT).  “We are deeply saddened to announce today that our loved one, DMX, birth name of Earl Simmons,

Demi Lovato says she has ‘survivor’s guilt’ after rapper DMX’s alleged overdose

Demi Lovato has spoken on the recent alleged overdose of rapper DMX, and what it has felt like seeing the news while in the thick of her own battle with addiction. The 28-year-old singer overdosed on heroin laced with fentanyl in 2018 and has only recently opened up about how close she was to dying

Rapper DMX to undergo brain function tests after reported heart attack

DMX remained in a coma at a New York hospital on Wednesday after he suffered a heart attack last week, his manager, Steve Rifkind, told NBC News. Rifkind said the 50-year-old rapper’s condition remains unchanged, and that doctors are scheduled to perform tests to determine the level of his brain function. The results from Wednesday’s

Family of rapper DMX asks for prayers following reports he was ‘revived’ three times following heart attack

More details have emerged regarding the hospitalisation of rapper DMX. The 50-year-old musician was rushed to a New York hospital last week following a reported heart attack and is currently on life support in a critical care unit.  Now it’s been revealed DMX — real name Earl Simmons — had to be resuscitated numerous times

Grammy-winning rapper DMX hospitalised after reported drug overdose

DMX has been hospitalised following a reported drug overdose, a source close to the rapper confirmed to Variety. According to TMZ, DMX overdosed on Friday night at his home around 11pm, which caused a heart attack. The 50-year-old rapper is currently in a hospital in New York, and is in the critical care unit. Sources

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DMX Meets Same Fate As Meek Mill Back In Jail For Bail Violation

DMX is destined for the same fate as Meek Mill. The Ruff Ryders rap legend, whose real name is Earl Simmons, is back in jail for violating his bail conditions. TMZ reported that X failed a mandatory drug test after appearing in court this morning in Manhattan. The judge ordered him remanded in custody arguing

DMX Released From Rehab Temporarily For His Fans

DMX is out rehab, at least for a little bit. The rap legend is getting a temporary reprieve from rehab to go on tour. He has an upcoming concert in Albany on Friday where fans were worried that he might not show, but now we know he will be there for sure, TMZ reported. On

DMX Is Sober and Packed On A Lot Of Weight Since Rehab

TweetShare DMX is not only sober, he has packed on a ton of weight since going to rehab and it’s pretty evident in the video clip below. The legendary rapper checked into rehab in August after copping a deal with to avoid house arrest. Seems it was the best thing that ever happened to him

DMX Cops Deal On House Arrest But Must Enter Drug Rehab

DMX desperately want to be able to travel and perform on gigs so he cop a deal to be free of house arrest but in exchange, he will have to enter a drug rehabilitation program. The rap icon legal troubles are still far from over since he is facing multiple charges for tax evasion. He

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