Moses Sumney – Indulge Me

[Chorus] Indulge me Indulge me [Verse] All my old lovers have found others I was lost in the rapture Dead Sea as barren as a stutter And colored laughter I don’t trouble nobody Nobody troubles my body after All my old others have found lovers [Chorus] Indulge me Indulge me [Chorus] Indulge me Indulge me

A Tribe Called Quest – Black Spasmodic

[Intro: Q-Tip] Yo, y’all ready? Yo, Phife, you ready? Cons, you got that part right? I dunno but it don’t matter who choose to set it off ATCQ, no doubt my niggas is boss Little half-ass rappers, y’all pissin’ me off Time to dead ‘em all off, yo, no matter the cause [Hook: Consequence] (Black)