Marlo – Last Time Lyrics (feat. No Plug)

[Intro] Cook that shit up, Quay [Verse 1: Marlo] I went from making thirty off them hundreds to a nigga gettin’ money I stayed standing, f**king bitches and stayin’ on top of riches, run them digits Stop f**kin’ with them pigeons, I’m in the kitchen, really gettin’ it I was sixth grade with a bag

Tee Grizzley – Time (feat. Jeezy) lyrics

[Intro: Jeezy] Tee, what’s happening homie? Oh it’s on Its yo time my nigga See this a fucked up game right here my nigga like They ain’t kicking this shit how we kicking this shit man You talking for the people, you talking for us nigga I understand yo struggle nigga, cause yo struggles just

Freddie Gibbs – Crushed Glass (You Only Live 2Wice Album)

[Intro] Diego, roll me one up, my nigga [Verse 1] The future started yesterday, nigga Every minute feelin’ different, I am not the same nigga I admit that I was timid at a younger age, nigga Daddy asked me what I wanna be, I said "A paid nigga" With them extras out the pot, I

Da$h – Grade A

(Drugs, Grade-A, Bitch, Grade-A, Gun, Grade-A) (Yeah, So x4) (Bitch, Grade-A, Drugs, Grade-A) (Ayy, Grade-A, Grade-A, Grade-A) Yeah, So (Drugs, Grade-A, Bitch, Grade-A, Gun, Grade-A) Yeah, So As if you ain’t fuckin’ know As if you ain’t fuckin’ know (See me, say mayday) Yeah, So Ayy Yeah, So Yeah, So [Hook] Fuck the cops, fuck