Stephen Colbert apologises to Mindy Kaling over awkward backstage moment: ‘I felt bad bringing this up’

Stephen Colbert apologised to Mindy Kaling for an unfortunate backstage moment! Kaling, 42, dropped by The Late Show to discuss the second season of Never Have I Ever when Colbert raised an incident that occurred beforehand. “Now, I’d also like to apologise for earlier,” Colbert said towards the end of the interview, as Kaling responded,

Christopher Walken says he’s never had a mobile phone or computer

In a world of Zoom calls and innovative technology, Christopher Walken has revealed he’s never owned a mobile phone or computer. During an appearance on The Late Show, the Deer Hunter star, 77, told host Stephen Colbert that virtual interviews are a rarity for him since he stays away from pretty much all technology. “Someone

Trevor Jackson – B&W (Benz And My Wallet)

[Verse 1] First things first I’m a real one I should’ve known that you would try to play me I should’ve known that you would leave in silence Like a thief in the night with no surveillance [Chorus 1] You took my Benz and my wallet You took my Benz and my wallet You took