Jennifer Aniston confronts Sebastian Stan about explicit Pam & Tommy scene

Jennifer Aniston and Sebastian Stan went to head to head in a conversation for Variety’s Actors on Actors series, and of course, Aniston had to ask about the talking penis scene in Pam & Tommy. In their thirty-minute chat, the pair covered a range of topics about their projects over the years, including Stan’s recent

Chris Evans’ fans are sharing wholesome photos of him to drown out his accidental nude photo on Twitter

Chris Evans‘ fans are coming to his defence. After accidentally posting a nude photo of himself online, the Captain America star’s fan base quickly stepped in to help prevent the NSFW pic from circulating social media — by posting adorable snaps of Evans and his dog, Dodger. “Pictures of Chris Evans with his dog dodger

Classified – Rap Sh*t Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus] I wrote a whole verse about rap shit Then scrapped it Like what the fuck, ain’t nobody wanna hear me rap about How I spit metaphors and get busy any more Got a whole lot of time these days Me and my naive ways Keep the change, when you coming with the cheap talk We

B.o.B – Uncomfortable (Elements Album)

[Hook] My creator My creator, my creator, my… creator Yah! My creator, my creator My creator, my creator, my…creator Yah! [Verse 1] My creator said I’mma forever love ya Through the good and the bad and the ugly My creator dun’t never hold grudges My creator only one could ever judge me My creator of