Jaden Smith – Batman Remix Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, yeah! [Verse 1: Jaden Smith] Batman, Batman, Batman Joker just put me on acid Huh, you on the wave like a Maverick You need to make something happen Batman, Batman, Batman Please put me on new fashion Huh, I ain’t learn nothing since last year You got the renegade fabrics Batman, Batman, Batman

Kanye West – Father Stretch My Hands (Pt. 2) (The Life Of Pablo Album)

[Intro] (Perfect) Ohhhhhhh Ohhhhhhh Ohhhhhhh Ohhhhhhh [Verse 1: Kanye West] I go, I go, ay ay, I go Up in the morning, miss you bad Sorry I ain’t called you back The same problem my father had All his time, all he had, all he had In what he dreamed All his cash, market crashed